The Necessity of Obama’s Immediate Removal
November 8, 2011 • 5:36PM

By Dave Christie (WA) and Bill Roberts (MI)

It is the potential we have as Americans for unleashing a flood of economic development that is the greatest fear of those lunatics among the British Empire who have controlled our nation’s economic policy for decades, and are now committed to launching the worst world war in human history.

In the context of the disintegration of this system, World War III is now immediately on the horizon. Obama’s unlawful war against Libya has signaled what is in store for Syria and Iran, with weapons that are magnitudes greater than the Predator Drones used in the summary execution of Qadaffi. While a debate rages in Israel concerning a first strike, it is well known that an Israeli attack on Iran is immediately nuclear in its implications. However, for the British Imperial interests who are now pushing Israel to sacrifice itself, their target is not Iran or Syria. The real target is Russia and China. And yet, in light of world war being unleashed by Obama, in light of his embracing the Unitary Executive policy that he at one time denounced, with targeted assassinations of American citizens deprived of due process, we still have Americans saying, “Let’s wait until the 2012 election.” There will be no fair elections, if there are elections at all.

The irony is that while the nations of Russia and China may be the target of a military strike, the reality is that the British Empire is actually targeting the economic policy which those nations have adopted, modeled on the kinds of development projects that we knew well under American Presidents committed to developing our nation, such as Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. As the trans-Atlantic system has been disintegrating over the past few months, Russia and China have expanded their cooperation in the areas of oil and gas development, fast breeder nuclear reactors, high speed rail, and even space exploration.

The invitation was even extended to the United States for cooperation with Eurasia, through two key strategic projects: Russia’s stated intention to build a rail line from Yakutsk to the Bering Straits, and Rogozin’s proposal for a “Strategic Defense of the Earth” (SDE), an obvious reference to Lyndon LaRouche’s Strategic Defense Initiative that Ronald Reagan announced as policy in 1983. This strategic partnership between Eurasia and North America, a new trans-Pacific orientation to replace the dying trans-Atlantic system, can be a foundation of a new era of peace and prosperity among the nations of the world.

The latent workforce and industrial capacity of the U.S. will play a critical role in this pro-Pacific and pro-Arctic oriented transformation. We will highlight the future role of two critical regions as a snapshot of what could be realized:

The Pacific Northwest would be absolutely central to this development. As an integral part of the “Arsenal of Democracy” under Franklin Roosevelt, with ships and planes being built for the war effort, we could fulfill Roosevelt’s mission to convert our war time production to the peace time effort for the development of those nations that would have been freed from the slavery of fascism and colonialism.

The region’s aerospace would play a key role in a renewed commitment to fulfilling John F. Kennedy’s space program, which the nations of Asia are already moving on. Aerospace could also play a crucial role in high speed rail systems, especially magnetic levitation technologies. The skilled labor force of the Pacific Northwest will be crucial in the major Arctic development project, the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA). The capabilities of Hanford would be revived and expanded for the coming nuclear renaissance, as the ideology of environmentalism is laid to rest forever. All of this can be financed with the immediate return to Glass-Steagall, and the implementation of Alexander Hamilton’s credit system to restore sovereignty to our banking system.

The Upper Midwest region of the country is still a relative powerhouse of skilled labor, machine tools, and large industrial operations. Although this capacity has decreased significantly under the last ten years of decline in the auto sector, under a new credit system the idle auto plants, equipment and labor force associated with that productive capability will be retooled to build a new platform of physical economic activity. The buildup necessary to commit to the construction of a project the size of the gigantic NAWAPA, will require orders of concrete, steel, construction equipment and trains on a scale not seen since the vast quantities of materiel produced in support of overseas operations in World War II. To meet the challenge of developing large unpopulated regions of the planet, Detroit will be the foundry for materials and capital goods produced using new, advanced technologies. In effect, the rust belt states will undergo a renaissance, surpassing in productivity all previous periods in U.S. history.

This is the America that most of the world wishes to see, but which will never be seen unless Obama is impeached or removed on account of mental incompetence under the 25thAmendment, article 4.

We now face a similar situation that was faced in the 1930’s- war and fascism, or peace and prosperity. We need the policies of Franklin Roosevelt, not Adolph Hitler. It is time for Obama and his Unitary Executive to leave the White House immediately, and for the United States to restore its historic mission of leading the world in those principles which we were founded upon.

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