Kesha Rogers Kicks Off Her Campaign
November 12, 2011 • 10:21PM

To My Fellow Americans,

At the moment when our nation is clearly in dire need of bold, honest leaders, who are committed to telling the truth no matter what, I am the person who is ready and willing to take up that call. My name is Kesha Rogers, and for those of you who don’t know who I am, or are just coming into the political fight, you will see that my track record for fighting on principle over party, has already proven that commitment to be true.

In 2010, I won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Congress by taking my campaign to “Save NASA, Impeach Obama” directly to those people who have been losing everything because of Obama’s murderous and insane policies. All thinking patriots know, this president is a puppet of Wall Street and the British financier oligarchy, and has done nothing but carry out their orders for permanent war, brutal austerity, and endless bailouts. We are now seeing the disastrous consequences of not voting me into office, so that I could have introduced articles of impeachment, and championed the full funding of NASA’s manned space program. Throughout my campaign, I put forward solutions every step of the way, countering the bipartisan cowardice and “let’s make a deal” compromise of Congress, to Obama’s treason. As Obama continued the hyperinflationary bailouts of Wall Street and Europe, I fought to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, which is now in Congress as H.R. 1489 with over 50 co-sponsors. When Obama did nothing to help Haiti after their earthquake, I taught people about what the Army Corps could do, and took the plans all the way into the Congressional Black Caucus. I also called for the implementation of a Federal credit system, to provide emergency relief of credit and productive work for the states; had my calls been heeded, there would have been no argument for states to cut their social safety nets, cuts which are now silently killing our elderly, sick, poor, and disabled. As Obama has continued the un-Constitutional post-9/11 centralization of executive power that made Bush and Cheney notorious, I have warned every step of the way that his administration is marching our country down the same road that Hitler took Germany. Refusing to accept the demoralization and pessimism in the population, especially the scientific community associated with NASA, I held policy workshops every single week, to show people what great projects we could accomplish, if we would just fight for our own nation’s future. In these workshops, my campaign laid out great engineering programs like the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), the development of fusion rockets for 1G acceleration in interplanetary space flight, the colonization of the Moon and Mars, increasing our insight into galactic influences on extreme weather, and the collaboration of the United States, Russia, China, and India in terraforming the biosphere, to subdue and replenish it, to make it more productive and beautiful.

Despite my calls to action, too many did not heed my call to remove Obama and launch a science-driven industrial mobilization, saying instead, “It’s not that bad,” or “He’s only going to go so far,” or even worse, “The Republican Party will fix everything.” These people have now found that they were duped, are losing everything, and now Obama is on the verge of launching thermonuclear war on behalf of the British oligarchy’s depopulation agenda. There is no more time left, to wait for someone else to fix this country. You must act now, and not wait for the 2012 election, or some other “approved time” to remove this puppet. I am not running for office to change the country a year from now, I am providing the needed leadership and solutions to be implemented immediately, as part of a national slate of LaRouche Democrats, in California, Washington, Michigan, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Together we are organizing this entire country, as one fist across the nation, to end the system of free trade globalization and restore the United States of America as a sovereign republic, committed to the general welfare of its citizens once again.

What is perhaps your last chance, at obtaining a better future, rests in you joining our fight, now. Get out there and let’s fight for a better future. Organize your friends and family to support my campaign, as well as the entire slate. Go to my website at and learn more about the policies and solutions I represent.

Yours in the Fight,
Kesha Rogers

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