Food Is Short; Farm Capacity Undercut; London Famine Policy Remains in Effect as Long as Obama Stays in Office
November 16, 2011 • 11:18AM

November is the month of harvest thanksgiving in the United States, but this year it marks yet a another decline in food production and reserves. The food isn't there!

In the United States, over the past year's crop season, production levels dropped for all three basic grains — wheat, corn and rice. U.S. production of these adds up to 383 million metric tons for 2011, in contrast to 416 mmt two years ago, and 398 mmt last year. (Nov. 9 U.S. Department of Agriculture report, "World Agriculture Supply and Demand" [WASDE]).

Worldwide, total grain output this year is estimated by the UN FAO and USDA to be in the range of 2,300 mmt, far below what is required, even if higher than in 2009 (2,241 mmt) and 2010 (2,200 mmt), when the Eurasian drought reduced the Black Sea region wheat output by over 30 percent.

Feed rations and conditions for U.S. meat animals have become so tight, that American beef output next year, for example, is already forecast to drop significantly, according to the Nov. 9 USDA report, well known for understating the real picture. In Texas, herds are being liquidated, given the lack of fodder and water. This week a new record price was reached for fed cattle (cattle coming out of the feedlot, fattened by largely grain rations) of $127 per 100 lbs, way up over the 2010 average of $95 per hundredweight.

U.S. beef exports have shot up 30 percent from a year ago. This reflects the fact that a web of trans-national mega-companies are "sourcing" and shunting scarce foodstuffs wherever they choose for mega-profiteering and food control. For example, one cartel pork producer has begun importing feed-grade wheat into the U.S. from Britain, of all places, for milling into livestock rations for the factory hog farms in North Carolina. Wheat-for-feed is also flowing into the U.S. from Brazil.

Speculation is going wild. Prices for corn — usually below wheat, which has a higher protein content, are now higher than wheat.

In South Africa, which produces half of all the corn grown in southern Africa, an absolute corn shortage is expected to show up next month — so much of this year's SA crop has been pledged to export, that domestic users will be shorted. Mexico is foremost among the corn-importing nations scrambling to try to line up supplies from South Africa and elsewhere.

These conditions are not oversights; they are deliberate. They result from the evil policy of globalized food scarcity and control, perpetrated in the name of free markets, world competition, comparative advantage, price-setting through speculation, limited resources, and all the other euphemisms for what is a process of creating conditions for famine. The intent is hunger, starvation, and depopulation.

If you want to be alive, and to have enough to eat to stay that way, force Obama out of office now.