No Compromising with the Galaxy. Get Obama Out Now or It’s Bye-Bye World.
November 18, 2011 • 4:17PM

by Kesha Rogers

While the British Oligarchy and its puppet in the White House Barack Obama move for a total drive toward thermonuclear World War III, there is no sign of guts anywhere out there among the political strata of the nation. No one in any of the parties at any level has come out with the guts to face the truth and tell it like it is, except for statesman Lyndon LaRouche: “The British Monarchy is out to destroy the United States as we know it, and Obama is their puppet instrument for accomplishing exactly that. The overall objective of this London Centered oligarchy is to reduce the world’s population from the current official level of seven billion to less than one billion.”

These are the hard facts of the truth we must face. There is no more time for compromise. This current system is entirely bankrupt and the oligarchy knows it. The entire transatlantic system is in shambles. There is no amount of bailout in the entire universe that will save this system There are no sovereign nations representing humanity anywhere throughout Europe, and the chance for that continent's survival is becoming even more bleak, with the oligarchy’s front men of Goldman Sachs now controlling almost every single nation in Europe. The British financier oligarchy has made its intentions clear. Their last chance in their drive for population reduction and finishing off any existence of nation-states is to launch total war and destruction, of a type so horrifying that most of you wish to ignore it.

This grotesque circus in the United States must end now. This is not the time for political games. We need leaders with guts and courage to tell the truth. This president must go now. At this present moment there is not one candidate who is capable of stepping up to the plate. Here in Texas, we have a pestilence, in the lunatic for a governor, Rick Perry, and he is one of the few people who could actually be worse than Barack Obama. But our bigger worries are not about an election, but to get Obama out now, who is a bigger pestilence and threat to our society, because he is moving to carry out the oligarchy's obsession for the destruction of civilization, through war, and the destruction of mankind's uniquely creative and scientific capabilities. Obama is moving to destroy the essential collaboration of leading nations such as Russia, China, and the United States of America, to foster the commitment to the advancement of human progress.

This is a battle call to all leaders across this nation. What we need now, with out a shadow of a doubt, are leaders at every level in the U.S., including federal and state to step up to the plate, and wage the needed fight to throw this President out now. Anyone talking about 2012 is not in the real universe. We need real patriots, not compromising politicians, with a firm allegiance to the true principles of our U.S. constitution, that which has been betrayed by the insanity of the two most recent presidencies of Bush and Obama.

I have been calling for Obama's impeachment since January 2009, when he first attacked our manned space program by canceling Constellation. The sooner we get him out, the sooner we can get back to a mission orientation for the nation. The longer we wait, the greater our risk to civilization. Everyone at NASA knows the human species can't survive in this galaxy without a manned space program. Space exploration is what brings nations together as an alternative to war; that is why every other nation in the world, including China, is developing in that direction. War comes when an insane President destroys space exploration, and then attacks other nations because he feels inferior. That is why I, and the slate of LaRouche Democrats, continue to demand full funding of NASA, including the manned space program, an array of extreme weather forecasting satellites, the detection and deflection of asteroids and comets that could impact Earth, and the impact of continental terraforming projects like NAWAPA on Earth's global electric circuit.

Only with the approach to sponsoring man's creative intervention into our creative universe, can we survive our galactic threats. And you're worried about appeasing a narcissistic Nero bent on thermonuclear war?

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