Perpetrators of Economic Crises Resort to World Wars

Various political leaders may be creating an ambiguous cloud over the global situation, as if the plan for a global thermonuclear war is somehow in doubt. Below the remarks of Senior Minister for Human Resources of Sri Lanka, DEW Gunasekara during their recent budget debate, are a clear understanding of the urgency of the situation the globe faces.

"This budget has been presented when the entire world is in a state of economic turmoil. The economic crisis which originated in the US, the citadel of capitalism in the latter part of 2007, having engulfed the entire European Union is now spreading its tentacles to the rest of the world.

"...(The crisis) is systemic, endemic and genetic - This current crisis is unprecedented in the history of capitalism, in my view, going beyond the Great Depression of 1929. Though painful, to our relief it has generated knowledge, consciousness, radicalism and revolutionary fervour as evidenced by the people's reaction, the world over. I plead with members of both sides of the House to view this current crisis with more seriousness and deeper insight."

"The creators of this global crisis are looking for political solutions, with no economic solutions in sight, and that through military aggression and offensive. We saw this trend in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Now they are aiming at Iran and Syria under some pretext or other. In my view, all these threats of war crimes, so-called violation of human rights aimed at Sri Lanka are all pretexts. The sudden decision to set up US military bases in Australia is a part of their war game. History provides evidence how perpetrators of economic crises in the past resorted to world wars, as political solutions for their economic crises, under different pretexts."

"Speculative capital dominates the financial capital of the world economy. It operates outside the international financial system. The central Governments or Central Banks no longer can control them. This is a new feature of neo-colonialism. It is nothing but greed for profits, more profits and higher profits, brought about by liberation and deregulation of financial structures. All surpluses generated by arms sales, drug sales and through financial scandals, bribery and corruption found their way as Black money to safer regimes as Hedge Funds. This is the source of the current crisis."

"We must protect ourselves, insulate ourselves from financial speculations - the root cause of this crisis. Taking a broader view of the new but negative trends of the globalization process, we must place in our agenda of national priorities, the need for necessary safeguards to protect our people
from external shocks. "

-DEW Gunasekara November 23rd 2011

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