The Choice is Ours; Oust Obama or Face Nuclear War
November 26, 2011 • 9:19AM

As we stand on the verge of world war, fomented by the British empire, we see two pathways laid out ahead. Some see, as German Chancellor Bismarck in the late 1880's, and Kaiser Wilhelm II after him, the makings of a trap laid for those nations of the planet which have been successful in developing. Now, nations such as Russia and China can see the writing on the wall, as potentially catastrophic provocations arise all around them. Uprisings in Syria, the confrontation with Iran, the missile shield in Eastern Europe, and the installation of a new military base in Australia near the South China Sea, are all pointed at the creation of a new global war, caused by the hyperinflationary collapse of the Transatlantic financial system, which, once incited anywhere, would lead quickly to thermonuclear warfare aimed at the destruction of the United States, Russia, and China, and the reduction of the world's population to about one billion. This is the tried and true method of operation of the British empire, whose model of destroying adversaries by launching continental wars can be seen in the creation of the Seven Years War, the manipulation of Europe and Japan during the 1890-1914 period resulting in World Wars I and II, followed by the sabotage of Roosevelt's post-war global development plans, causing instead the Cold War and the prevention of the long-awaiting US-Russian alliance from blooming, and the development of Eurasia to occur. The only way to stop this war-path of the British empire is to remove Obama from office immediately.

One example of this awaited-potential, is the policy known as the Strategic Defense Initiative, or "SDI," developed and brought to near fruition by statesmen Lyndon LaRouche and a small group of committed scientists and statesmen, which is now being brought back into focus, ironically, by Russia, who, while still under the Soviet Union, denied the policy when first proposed by President Reagan under the authorship of LaRouche, in 1983. Russia itself now proposes the "SDE," that is, the "strategic defense of Earth," as they recenter the focus of the SDI to it's increasingly crucial aspect of defense of the Earth from space-based dangers, such as asteroids, as seen in the asteroid which narrowly missed the planet earlier this month. This SDI/SDE policy, is an echo of the same spirit embodied in the North American Water and Power Alliance project (NAWAPA), approved by John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy in the early 1960's, and of the space program during the same period; that is, of the role of man's creativity in and over the universe. The attacks on NAWAPA, the space program, and the SDI, are all attacks on the principle of creativity.

We have before us now a bright future for mankind, should we choose to fight and embrace the paradoxes posed to our thinking which have arisen at this turning point. We can carry on the space mission which died with John Kennedy, which has been taken up by our Arctic-joined Pacific neighbors. We can embrace the physical paradoxes presented to us by recent scientific discoveries, which destroy the idea of fixed physical-constants anywhere in the universe, thereby negating the idea of empty space and time, simultaneously. We can become conscious of our ability as mankind, to shape and create the environment in which we live, in ways that best allow for development of the universe itself by man.

These potentials are expressed in these policies, such as of the forward-thinking of John F. Kennedy, who thought in terms of the future we could act to create in the present, up to a century ahead; not in negatives as commonly done now, such as pollution or debt, but in what we can build. The anniversary of JFK's assassination this week -- which as my colleague Kesha Rogers noted, was done to bring in the cultural demoralization which allowed for the British puppet Barack Obama to be the President of the United States --should be to us a reminder, that we must get rid of the British influence now, before they launch one more war, a thermonuclear WWIII, which would leave behind very little that resembles civilization. Join the LaRouche Democrats to destroy this empire, dump Obama, and get back that bright future, now.

Rachel Brown (MA)
U.S. Congressional Candidate

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