Behind the Russian Fleet Deployment to Syria: Avoiding Thermonuclear World War
November 27, 2011 • 9:39AM

According to high-level Russian diplomatic circles, the deployment of three Russian Navy ships to the waters off the coast of Syria is intended as a war-avoidance deployment. Efforts to convey Russian concerns about a pending military attack on Syria to overthrow the Assad government have fallen on deaf ears both in Washington and at NATO headquarters in Brussels. So, the Russian government decided that they would send Russian ships into harm's way, betting that saner heads in Washington will not want to risk starting a strategic confrontation with Russia, that would almost guarantee a thermonuclear World War III.

Informed of the Russian strategic war-avoidance effort, Lyndon LaRouche commented yesterday that the Russian actions will give senior U.S. military commanders, who are unanimously dead-set against another armed conflict in the region, the added needed leverage to push back against Obama's insanity and British desperate efforts to get the war going. Nevertheless, given the state of hysteria inside the British oligarchy, the Russian move does bring us potentially on the edge of nuclear war—this weekend.