Bill Roberts: Defend Humanity: Remove Obama
November 29, 2011 • 10:18AM

It should now be absolutely clear to anyone who is not completely ignorant of recent world events, that there is no sane option of not immediately removing Obama from the presidency, if humanity is going to survive the threat of either thermonuclear war, or other catastrophic events which pose the same threat of extinction to mankind.

Consider the following:

· The United States is now inching closer to being drawn into thermonuclear confrontation with Iran and its allies in Asia by a recklessly insane President Obama, even though no new facts have emerged that suggest Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

· Provocations are being coordinated against Syria, another nation with close diplomatic ties to Russia, by French and British special forces, in the name of humanitarian intervention, to bring about regime change against the Assad regime, and also bring the United States into the conflict.

· Deployments of the U.S. military into northern Australia have increased following Obama’s infantile threats against China at the APEC summit a few weeks ago.

· The buildup of NATO anti-ballistic missile systems in Europe has now provoked Russian President Medvedev to respond in kind, and fear of a military strike against Syria has brought naval ships of Russia into the Mediterranean.

All of these actions are being taken in the name of “security,” either our own, that of shipping in the South China Sea, or supposedly for the civilian population of Syria. However, when taken together these developments paint a picture of an insane President provoking thermonuclear confrontation and world war, a situation which will destroy human civilization.

Since when is the provocation of thermonuclear war a good security strategy? Anyone in Congress who is not strongly considering impeaching President Obama right now is absolutely crazy.

What we are witnessing may appear to be a new military doctrine of sorts, what some may call “the Obama doctrine.” These developments however reflect nothing other than the stated intention of genocide by the British Empire, and Obama’s willingness to be manipulated into doing unthinkable acts of Nero-like mass murder. The difference now, is that with the destruction of the trans-Atlantic financial system, the stakes are much higher for her majesty’s empire which is now descending into the maelstrom.

It is now certain that unless Obama is impeached, and removed from the presidency, he will continue to be an instrument in the drive to unleash thermonuclear war on this planet, nominally against the last nations that have resisted the backward, nation-wrecking recipes of the British Empire: Russia and China, and other nations of the Asia Pacific.

The glaring irony that should not be lost, is that there are very substantial non-military threats to the security of humanity which are being almost completely ignored in the policymaking of the trans-Atlantic nations.

Food shortages, near earth asteroids, space weather, water shortages, the impact of floods and other natural disasters: these are all major problems for mankind’s continued survival, but no serious effort is being made to deal with these real security threats by the United States.

For example, after record rainfall in some states and drought in others, very large portions of our corn, wheat and rice crop were destroyed this year, yet no emergency measures were taken by the Obama Administration to enable farmers to replant in order to recoup our losses and maintain emergency food stores. In addition, we now pour upwards of 40% of our corn crop into ethanol production while food stores are simply running out.

In the category of defense of the earth from near earth asteroids, Russian envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin has proposed a system called “Strategic Defense of Earth” (SDE) as a joint cooperation among Russia, the U.S. and other nations, an obvious reference to Lyndon LaRouche’s “Strategic Defense Initiative” (SDI), proposed by President Reagan in 1983 and ironically enough rejected by the Soviet Union at that time.

A solution to the challenge of controlling floods, mitigating droughts and moderating weather exists in a proposal -- once supported by both Jack and Robert Kennedy -- to bring fresh water from the river basins of Alaska and northern Canada to provide tens of millions of acre feet of water to the provinces of western Canada and the states of the western United States, the Great Lakes and northern Mexico. This plan, known as the North American Water and Power Alliance, when considered in its broader scientific implications, would be a keystone in establishing mankind’s role as an immortal species, capable of meeting the challenge of managing a planet experiencing historically higher throughputs of energy densities of climate-altering solar and cosmic radiation.

In cooperation with NAWAPA, a full commitment to manned space flight programs, run by NASA, with the multi-generational challenge of colonizing the Moon and Mars, would be the most appropriate expression of a defense of mankind, since, as one U.S. astronaut recently put it, “One planet isn’t enough.”
Unfortunately, the promise of these policies have remained unfulfilled in the period since the “drug-rock-sex” cultural paradigm shift of the 1960s and 70s, following the assassination of John F. Kennedy and America’s plunge into the Vietnam War.

Just as war and its aftermath have halted the march of progress, progress must now define the approach to avoiding war. As representatives of the nation that defeated the British Empire on our own soil, we need to recognize how wars and especially world wars are organized by the servants of the British Empire to stop the progress of mankind. We need to come to our senses and realize that our greatest security threat is a principle of oligarchism, or empire that pits one nation against another and keeps us from taking up the real creative challenges which define humanity as a unique species. The first step is to kick Obama out of the Presidency immediately.

Bill Roberts, Candidate for U.S. House of Representative, Michigan.

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