We're Right on the Edge of Thermonuclear War

By Dennis Small

To get right to the point, as Lyndon LaRouche did in the very first words of his interview with Alex Jones Nov. 30: "We're right on the edge of thermonuclear war. As to whether that will happen or not, that's another question. But the likelihood that it could happen is great."

Again today, LaRouche stressed that "we are now at the killer point." It's not a matter of speculative arguments, or paying attention to what people are blabbering about. Forget all the sly things that the complicit governments of Europe and the United States are saying, for example, about Iran and Syria. "These bastards are carrying out the British intention, and that intention is world war and depopulation. It's happening now," LaRouche stressed.

What LaRouche and LPAC have done to date--by saying loudly what others tremble to even think--has begun to gum up the works for the British war drive. The Russians continue to issue clear, sharp warnings and engage in war-avoidance deployments. And there is increasingly vocal opposition to the British-Obama insanity coming from the highest levels of the U.S. military and intelligence establishment. As LaRouche reported on the Alex Jones show: "What happened was, of course, and I don't know how well this is known, but our leading general officers, advisors and so forth, who advise us on our security, have opposed any action by Obama of this type."

But that is not enough to actually do the job. The British have to be denied political control over the use of America's formidable nuclear arsenal, which they today have through their deranged puppet Barack Obama. Only by removing Obama from office, now, can the twin dangers of nuclear world war and world economic disintegration be avoided.

In his interview with Alex Jones, LaRouche put all of his immense moral and intellectual authority on the line:

"Look, it's very simple. We can deal with it. If the American people have the guts to do so, and the temperament, and their direction is strong right now, as you probably know; that if you move this President, Obama, out of office, on the basis of this charge that he's insane--that's under the 25th Amendment, section 4, -- he qualifies for expulsion from the Presidency on the basis of that...

"The key things here now, one thing, if you do this, one thing, you're going to uncork everything, and give a chance to the United States and other nations to survive. That one thing, is get this President out of office NOW! If you don't get him out now, we're probably going to have thermonuclear war, from which very few people will survive...

"I can guarantee you personally, that getting rid of Obama in this way, in this time, and you'll save the United States. If you don't do this, if you don't get Obama out, now, in this time, when the legal basis of doing so exists very clearly, then you're not going to save the United States."

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