On the Retirement of Barney Frank: First Barney, Then Obama
December 2, 2011 • 12:08AM

The recent decision of Barney Frank to retire is the only decision he has ever made which I agree with. Indeed we may never know the real reasons for this decision- perhaps it was his fear of being known as one of the most incompetent and corrupt lawmakers in U.S. history. In any case, it is clear, we need leadership immediately to get rid of Obama, as I had proposed, along with the other LaRouche candidates, during the 2010 campaign. While Barney Frank continually defended the British puppet Obama, who should have already been ousted for his repeated violations of the Constitution, and lack of regard for the citizens' welfare, I opposed his policies and helped build a movement for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, which would have ended the financial crisis. There are now 55 Congressional co-sponsors for H.R. 1489 (to reinstate Glass-Steagall), and my identification of this solution put Barney Frank on the defensive, as he publicly attempted to argue that his protection (bailout) of the "financial industry" was somehow justified.

While Barney defended Obama's Nazi-modeled healthcare travesty, which is guilty of "crimes against humanity" under the Nuremburg Military Tribunal criterion, I fought against it and made clear that such a policy was nothing but a necessary consequence of the imperial British policy of monetarism, and proposed instead the replacement of the HMO system, backed up by a physically productive economy. While Barney attacked the funding of NASA (which he thought to be an "atmospherics" association) and manned space- flight programs, I fought to educate people on the importance of NASA and human space-flight for advancing mankind's knowledge of the universe, and creating spin-off technologies for improved levels of economic productivity and creativity. While Barney Frank represented the tradition of the British Tories, sent to Massachusetts to sabotage the establishment of a truly humanist society, I represented the republican tradition of the Winthrops and Mathers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Now, however, we have one more tyrant to topple: Nerobama occupying the White House. Obama's pathological mental state has displayed itself for the world to see, and high-level military officials warn of his "unpredictability" in office. In current conditons of economic meltdown, with the Eurozone days or minutes away from complete collapse, British financial interests are pushing for WWIII. The recent illegal "regime change" in Libya, made possible by Obama's drones, the rapidly escalating moves toward war with Iran and Syria by the British Empire, and direct military provocations toward Russia and China, such as this weekend's bombing of Pakistan, illustrate this threat. Obama's enraged Nero-style breakdown has put us inches away from a global thermonuclear showdown, which would eliminate billions of people from the planet, as intended.

This is why I am declaring, along with the rest of the LaRouche Democratic Slate, that Obama be removed from office without delay; either by impeachment, threat of impeachment, or the 25th amendment. Any candidate for office or current office-holder who is not requesting Obama's removal will be guilty of the repercussions of thermonuclear war, quite possibly hitting U.S. soil. No issues are relevant other than the immediate removal of Obama, after which, we can safely restore the functioning of our nation.

Rachel Brown
U.S. Federal Candidate for Congress, Massachusetts

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