Kesha Rogers: A Real Campaign to Save the Nation
December 12, 2011 • 12:01AM

About 35 years ago, on December 9, 1976, I was born. Just a few short weeks before this, Lyndon LaRouche made a crucial intervention, exposing the threat of a Carter administration launching a general thermonuclear war, on behalf of the British monetary interests. LaRouche warned that if Carter and his Tri-Lateral commission advisors were not stopped, they were prepared to take the nation and the world down the road to destruction, by the summer of that following year. At that time, leading figures in the Democratic and Republican Parties, and in the nations of Europe, took LaRouche's warning seriously, and moved to neutralize that threat.

Today we are again faced with an imminent threat of thermonuclear world war, pushed by the Obama administration, on behalf of those same monied interests. Tragically, there is a void in real leadership within all political parties, which lack the courage and the moral integrity to throw out this insane President, and put forward real scientific policies representing the common aims of mankind.

I am running for Congress, to fill the void in leadership. In 2010, I said the things that nobody else would say, "Save NASA, Impeach Obama", thus returning the United States to its heritage of representing the beacon of hope and liberty for the world. I said we must do this, by ending the unconstitutional bailouts of Wall Street and Europe by reinstating Glass-Steagall, then unleashing full funding for scientific advancement of humanity, as with our manned space program, the North American Water and Power Alliance, and other great projects.

I was never a "local issues" candidate; the entire time I was working from a top down, national perspective with a national slate of LaRouche Democrats across the country. Now our slate is expanded to six people across the nation, and we are working as one fist –not to provide leadership sometime after an election– but to solve the global crisis immediately confronting everyone. Anyone running a local issues or partisan campaign, when an insane President is attempting to unleash thermonuclear war in the midst of a global economic collapse, is obviously not qualified to serve our nation.

I am committed to making sure that someone in our country today, just being born, will be able to call back to Earth from a space station on Mars, in the year 2046, and relay the message, that because we acted 35 years ago, he or she is able to live out our mission for the progress of mankind, in our galaxy, and the universe.

If we are to achieve this mission, all pessimism and practical thinking about elections must be thrown out, and instead people must join our national slate in putting forward the solutions to mankind's crisis. That is our sacred honor, as patriots, and as human beings.

Policy Platform

1. Impeach Barack Obama, or Invoke the 25th Amendment, Sec. 4
Mr. Obama is a puppet of the bankrupt financial system, and has pushed policies made notorious by the Adolph Hitler regime, since condemned by the entire world. His flagrant violations of the U.S. Constitution, and both national and international law, in addition to posing a clear and present danger of new violations, warrant his immediate removal from the office of the Presidency by impeachment. Simultaneously, the public record of Mr. Obama’s mental state shows he is incapable of faithfully performing his duties as President, and as such meets the conditions for removal by Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

2. Return to the American Credit System
End the bailouts of the bankrupt monetary system, by reinstating the Glass-Steagall separation of commercial and investment banking, as outlined by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Allow investment banking to fail with the market, but protect commercial assets, as they are tied to real, i.e. physical economic, productivity. The rate of physical economic growth is too collapsed to sustain our population, thus Article 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution must be used to issue federal credit for investment in large scale infrastructure and scientific advancement, as in programs outlined below. Currency issued must be tied to production in order to have value.

3. North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA)
Create 10 million jobs in managing our continent’s water supply, by building NAWAPA. This project from the 1960s would bring an additional 160 million acre feet of water into use each year. Had NAWAPA been built, Texas would not have had the drought of this past year. This project will necessitate the laying of several thousand miles of new railroad lines, drilling of 50 tunnels through the Rocky Mountains, building the biggest dams in the world, as well as 240 reservoirs, and 2,600 MW of nuclear power in the transfer of water across the mountains. It will change local rainfall patterns and teach us much about the formation of our biosphere.

4. Strategic Defense Earth (SDE)
NASA scientists know the human species won’t survive the periodic 62 million year cycles of mass extinction that occur in our solar system, without a robust manned space program. This past year’s extreme weather is known to have galactic and solar sources. We must massively expand NASA’s funding and missions, in order to comprehend, forecast, and protect civilization from such galactic threats. Russia’s proposed SDE would begin such a project, and the United States must join this effort. Together we can solve the known threat of asteroid impacts, extreme weather such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and drought/flooding, and the impact of coronal mass ejections on our electric grid. The SDE would also include the ability to neutralize the threat of thermonuclear weapons.

5. Trans-Pacific Alliance with Russia, China and India
Rather than continue orienting toward the hopelessly bankrupt trans-Atlantic economies, the United States should orient across the Pacific, and embrace the scientifically progressive intention currently being expressed by Russia, China, and other Asian countries. Were the United States to form a scientific alliance with these countries, instead of threatening them with war, a rich potential would be created for solving many of the galactic and geo political crises listed above. We must lay the groundwork now, for real economic collaboration, by building such projects as the World Land Bridge, an overland network of high speed, magnetically levitated rail corridors. We must also cooperate on manned space exploration, as in the development of the Moon, and the development of fusion rockets with the capability of 1G acceleration, to send humans to Mars.

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