Diane Sare: Let’s Hear it for the Bipartisan Ticket!
December 12, 2011 • 11:56AM

by Diane Sare

At the LaRouche PAC Town Hall Meeting which I hosted in New Jersey yesterday, Mr. LaRouche said, “I wouldn't go for a Democratic-only ticket. I would go for a bipartisan ticket. Because what we need is a coordination and collaboration among the best people of our political system, in major national office. That's what we need. I certainly would not want to have a Democratic platform of candidates, of Federal candidates, which did not include certain Republican members. Because you can't trust the Democratic Party as a whole, but you could trust the testable qualities of leadership, of proven leadership of certain Democratic and certain Republican candidates."

"And since we need unity in this case, we should not get ourselves tied up in a struggle between the Democratic and Republican tickets at this time. That should be our policy, right now. No showdown between Republicans and Democrats, per se! What we need, is an assembly, of proven merit, in terms of potential candidates of both tickets, particularly the leaders, the best ones. And bring them together for a common cause. Let them be members of different parties, but let them be, first, citizens of the nation, and representatives of the citizenship of the nation. We want the best minds of both parties, in particular. We want to get rid of the rubbish, of both parties. Dump it by the wayside, at the same time.”

I have nothing to add. He is absolutely right, and I think this concept will come as a great relief to the majority of American voters who feel like they need to wear gas masks to the voting booth to protect themselves from the stench of these grossly unqualified candidates.

Remember, removing the current occupant of the White House by constitutional means immediately, is the pathway to create this patriotic coalition.

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