Dave Christie Confronts NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver on SDE and Obama
December 12, 2011 • 2:35PM

On Friday, December 9th, Dave Christie and Dave Dobrodt attended an event called “NASA Future Forum 2011” at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. There were about 300 people throughout the event, which was also broadcast on NASA-TV. The event should have been titled the “NASA NO-Future Forum”, since it was a discussion on commercial space flights, such as where the British oligarch, Richard Branson and his 91 year old mother, fly into space with other billionaires for a joyride. There was also the usual insanity of environmentalism, cost benefit analysis etc. Lori Garver, the Deputy Administrator for NASA, gave a very defensive speech on privatizing manned missions to space for either recreation, or servicing the International Space Station. Most of the people in attendance were aerospace people wishing that this scheme could actually work, or was intended to work. Boeing, Virgin, and SpaceX were all there for the swindle. Bill Nye, “the Science Guy”, was also brought in as comic relief, and probably for distraction as well. It was interesting that when Dave C. brought up the point that NASA has always brought the private sector into helping NASA, whose role was “insight and oversight”, a number of the industry panelists nodded vigorously in agreement. We got the sense that they were not all that jazzed about the commercialization of space flight, realizing that the market for commercial space flight doesn’t exist, and that their only other customers besides soon to be bankrupt oligarchs, would be a US Government that is disintegrating, and won’t be paying money to send our soon to be nonexistent astronauts to service the ISS.

The main bulk of our intervention was to make the point on the nuclear WWIII danger under the insanity of Obama, and how the Russians have posed the SDE to avoid WWIII. Dave C. had asked two questions during the event, one to Lori Garver, the other to the Panel of Aeronautic Industry Leaders. Lori Garver didn’t touch the WWIII/Obama question, and punted on the SDE saying that it was a military question and not for a civilian space agency, and then went on to lie and defend Obama’s brilliance on actually expanding NASA.

See Dave's question here, at minute 36:05.

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