Col. Wilkerson Slams Obama and Warns of Iran War
December 14, 2011 • 11:21AM

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, the former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, was interviewed Dec. 8 on Russia Today, and slammed President Obama while warning that we are on a path to war with Iran, with the same Israeli rightwingers and American neocons leading the charge. The interview was rebroadcast this afternoon.

Col. Wilkerson was initially asked to comment on President Obama's recent bravado remarks in response to allegations that he was "appeasing" Iran, gloating about how he killed Osama bin-Laden. The Colonel asked whether such remarks would have ever been uttered by our first six Presidents, or Abraham Lincoln or Dwight Eisenhower. Obama's remarks reminded him of George W. Bush, he chided, adding that it was "unbelievable" to him that a U.S. President would brag about killing. "It is a measure of the man," he concluded. He recounted recent visits to Rome and Seoul, where television news coverage of the United States focused on the brutal arrests of Occupy Wall Street protesters. "We are killing our own citizens without due process," he declared, adding that four of the six Republican presidential contenders advocated torture.

The interviewer played one of President Obama's recent statements warning Iran that "all options are on the table." Col. Wilkerson declared that we are "marching the same road" that led from 1997-2003 to war with Iraq, with the same neocons making the same comments to box in the President to war. And President Obama is making no effort to avoid the box. Wilkerson cited the massive opposition on the part of Israeli leaders from the Mossad and the IDF to Netanyahu and Lieberman's "road to Armageddon," warning that, with Congress having recently given Netanyahu 26 standing ovations, proving themselves "an inane body," Israel will likely lead the United States into a war. "If I was running a hedge fund," he concluded, and had to choose between taking a long or short position on war with Iran, I'd put all my money on war.