Christmas is Cancelled: Stop the Threat of Thermonuclear War
December 14, 2011 • 3:03PM

by Rachel Brown

Lyndon LaRouche yesterday issued the following remarks. "Look what the scenario is for World War III, which at this point is a highly probable event! The takedown is, an incident occurs, which is blamed on Iran, hmm? This incident then provokes an Israeli attack on Iran, which is being prepared. Now, the most likely time for that to occur, given the tension and the arrangements right now, is between the approach to Christmas and a little bit after New Year's. This is not a 'prediction.' This is an extreme likelihood: In other words, the countdown is, we're going to thermonuclear war. The British are sending the United States President to World War III, which would be a thermonuclear war, because the immediate target in this area, is Russia, and other countries. This will be probably provoked by something blamed on Iran, which provokes an Israeli reaction, which then sets into motion thermonuclear World War III."

To continue with one's holiday fantasies, and say "It's not the time to be political," is no different than those political leaders and citizens who maintain that Hitler could be voted out in the next election, or who today say, "It's not the time to remove Obama." The fantasy that Obama can remain in office, and that WWIII will wait, is just that, and cannot be tolerated. All signs point to the immediate danger of thermonuclear war and dictatorship, including Obama's recent attack on Hillary Clinton to sabotage her work on the U.S.-Russia relationship and provoke a hostile reaction from Russia, and his demand that American citizens be able to be arrested and held without legal counsel. Recent "explosions" in Iran, troop buildup in the region, and reports of U.S. covert activities in Iran, demonstrate the ongoing determination to "create" an incident which would launch WWIII. The time by which the British must do it, driven by the collapse of the European system, is now.

Sorry Santa, this year, Christmas is cancelled, unless we throw Obama out of office to stop this threat of war.

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