Dave Christie: Who is the Manchurian Candidate?

As we witness the mass insanity in Washington DC right now, one can’t help but think of the classic film and book called “The Manchurian Candidate”. Given the behavior of some of our leading elected officials, you may think they had been programmed to display their insanity in one incredible psychotic mass outburst, coinciding with the start of thermonuclear World War III.

Take John McCain for example. McCain was the key sponsor of the unconstitutional Defense Authorization Act (DFA) that recently passed through Congress. While it is true that McCain’s fellow sponsor for the bill, Senator Levin, has now admitted that it was the Obama Administration that ordered the reinstatement of the clause authorizing the detention of American Citizens (link); nonetheless, this still means that McCain’s name is now on a bill that authorizes elements of the brutality that he was subjected to in Vietnam.

We must keep in mind that the fascist DFA has passed in the middle of Obama’s drive for a thermonuclear showdown with Asia, targeting Russia and China immediately. It is here that McCain continues to display his insanity, stoking the flames of Obama’s World War III with his childish attacks on the leadership of Russia. As LaRouche and leading circles within the US Military have worked to prevent Obama’s thermonuclear showdown, John McCain twitters like a teenage school girl, attacking those circles in Russia who have repeatedly stated their intention for cooperation on war avoidance and economic development. But of course, tiger cages are not good for promoting sanity, as the Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has recently pointed out:

“Mr. McCain was captured and they kept him not just in prison, but in a pit for several years… Anyone (in his place) would go nuts."

How have our citizens allowed the institution of the presidency to become so degraded with this insanity? Remember, John McCain actually comes from a family tradition of service in the very same military that is now working to prevent Obama’s thermonuclear world war.

Think now of his opponent and the “victor” of the 2008 election, Barack Obama, whose insanity can no longer be denied by even the most delusional among our fellow citizens. While it is unclear whether there are tiger cages in the basement of Buckingham Palace where Obama receives his programming, I assure you that the treatment doled out to Obama by the Queen and her Consort, would make John McCain’s time in the “pit” look like a day at Disney Land.

But before laying blame on these apparent Manchurian Candidates, perhaps the American citizens should question their own mental health. Why hasn’t there been a national drive to throw Obama out? How is it that we were left with these two choices of Obama and McCain in 2008? This is because the same disease of oligarchism that afflicts our politicians also afflicts our citizens. We have allowed ourselves to be degraded into a self-conception of being merely peasants, the mere play things of the “gods” who control our future. It is time to stand up and mobilize as American patriots and citizens in the tradition of the founding of our nation. Join the national slate of LaRouche Candidates to throw Obama out, and restore the real institution of the presidency.

Dave Christie
Candidate for US Congress (WA)

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