Wachet Auf!

by Diane Sare

What do you do when the population is about to be wiped out by a catastrophe of which it is totally unaware?

Every day LaRouche PAC organizers run into Americans who are deeply unhappy with the way things are going, but then complain that Obama’s little square moustache is “over the top.” I like to ask these people, if they have the morality to carry on a conversation, whether they think it would have been better to have stopped Adolf Hitler before he killed millions of Jews and others in war, or to have waited, as the world ultimately did. I am sure that these people, who have turned a blind eye to Obama’s outrageous violations of the US Constitution, and his seething hatred of the human race, would have told the leaders of the German resistance movement, many of whom were executed, to “Stop being conspiracy theorists.”

Now, Obama has signed into law the most egregious piece of fascist legislation, the Defense Authorization Act, which would have the US Military deployed against our own citizens, who, under this act, can be indefinitely detained, without trial.

Over 230 years ago, American Patriots fought a revolution against the British Empire in order to free ourselves of exactly the policies which President Obama is pushing. This latest action is just part of a series of steps to launching thermo-nuclear war, which will be the end of most of the planet for some time to come. We must cause Obama to be removed from office immediately, under Section IV of the 25th Amendment, or impeachment proceedings, or both. All who read this short holiday message from me, should join with us in cancelling your vacations, and fantasy time, and instead, visit your congressmen, your churches and all other gatherings with the leaflet in the ORGANIZE section of this website. The Congress must be made to move on ousting Obama now, and if they can’t muster the courage to do it, they should “grab a pair” off the nearest Christmas tree.

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