Transcript: Weekly Report with LaRouche Wednesday, December 21
December 22, 2011 • 11:09AM


JOHN HOEFLE: Hello, welcome to the LaRouche PAC Weekly Report for Dec. 21st, 2011. I'm John Hoefle, and with me in the studio today are Peter Martinson of the Basement, Sky Shields of the Basement and Lyndon LaRouche. So, Peter, why don't you start off this morning?

PETER MARTINSON: All right. What I thought would be best to start with today is something that Lyn, you brought up last night, which is — it really is the concept of victory: In order to defeat the enemy, we do have to have a concept of victory. And right now, that concept of victory should be called the "Post-Obama Era." If we do not get Obama out in the near term, we're faced with obliteration of the human race very, very soon. All the increasing drumbeats of war against Iran and Syria, are part of the build-up to a British-led, thermonuclear confrontation between the United States and Russia, which would be the end of civilization. So the key to that, is to get rid of Obama.

But the key to moving the process, is to have a concept of what do we do, after that? Once Obama's out, we free up a lot of avenues of action. What do we do immediately? What do we go with?

Now, the key that we have to deal with, is that the Asian nations, particularly Russia and China, have been moving toward the frontier of human knowledge, which is not just the development of space, which everyone knows that Russia and China are making advances in that direction, but specifically the development of Arctic regions. You know, most people consider the Arctic regions as, you know, it's just really, really cold up there and only polar bears and plankton live up there.

But the Russians and the Chinese, anyone who's sentient on the planet recognizes that the power over the planet comes from the development of the Arctic regions. For example, Vladimir Putin has made very clear his intent, to move on Arctic development. He's been presented with plans for building advanced cities in the very northern regions, which are based designs of the International Space Station, and also, he's very keen on development of the Bering Strait passage, which would link up the two major continental groups on the planet. And be the beginning of developing very important strait into the Arctic region, the Bering Strait. China is moving on building icebreakers, and so forth.

So these nations are moving for the development of the Arctic. The United States absolutely has to cooperate in that move.

Now, this aspect that I want to concentrate on, just to make clear why this is very important, a lot of people right now are dealing with the effects of really disastrous weather conditions. Like, for example, there was this tropical storm that hit the Philippines in the past couple of days. The first report I heard, was that 600 people had died, and now it's upwards of 1,000 people; it's by far the worst storm-related disaster so far this year, along with all the other gigantic storm disasters.

Now, we're going into a period, where our planet is going to be faced more and more with that type of disaster, because of what's happening on the Sun, where the Sun is threatening to quiet down and start having a hands-off approach to the Earth, while our Solar System is going into a much more active region of the galaxy, the so-called Orion Spur, which is one of the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. So we're headed into a region that coincides with large devastation of living creatures on the planet, which means very disastrous weather. So, we should look forward — we shouldn't happily look forward to more disastrous weather, but that's what's in store.

Now, most of the weather on the planet Earth, especially the northern hemisphere, which is what we're mostly concerned with, emanates from the polar regions. Most of the weather drive by what happens in the Arctic. And without going into too much details, the Polar vortex, which is the northern jet stream, when that thing slows down, then you have the intrusion of very of cold weather down into the lower latitudes of the northern hemisphere, which sets up the conditions for very violent storms. Like early last year, we had the so-called "snowmageddon" on the East Coast of the United States, which dumped three feet of snow on D.C. and the surrounding areas. It was because of this incursion of these polar jet streams.

Now, changing the conditions in the Arctic, changing, say the atmospheric temperature, changing the salinity of the water, changing other aspects in the Arctic, we can begin to modulate things like the polar vortex, we can begin to modulate the weather patterns in the Arctic. Up until now, the best evidence that we have, is that most of the changes in Arctic weather, which then drive the rest of the weather on the planet, the changes are generated from the Sun: They're actually decadal cycles of changes of Arctic weather, which then create the extreme weather down in the lower latitudes, have been driven by the Sun.

If man begins to develop the Arctic regions, we begin to give ourselves the power to take more control over the Arctic, which up until now the Sun has had control over. Man can begin to take on the role of the Sun in the Arctic in modulating terrestrial weather, through projects like the North American Water and Power Alliance. And the other large — you can look at them as water-development projects, but that's not really the case; Russia has projects like this — you start doing the development where you take water, from the northern regions and move it down to areas which need the water: When you do that, you begin to be able to tune the conditions where the water is being taken from, which is the Arctic.

Which means we'll be able to change the salinity, we'll be able to change things like temperature, we'll be able to melt ice, which will change conditions in the Arctic. So that kind of perspective, that we'll begin to develop the Arctic regions through infrastructure, through building up a platform of power in the north, we'll begin to address what's really generating the weather patterns on the Earth, and possibly change it for the better as we got into a more dangerous section of the galaxy.

Now, that's the perspective — if we get rid of Obama. Which means we'll have to worth with the Russians and the Chinese on this. We'll have to have essentially a global effort to develop these regions, and take more control over the biosphere, and become more like the Sun. We'll be taking on the power of the Sun on the Earth, and then, potentially in the rest of the Solar System. As for example, there are Arctic regions on other planets, also. But we'll become more and more a cosmic being.

Now, the alternative to that really stinks: If Obama stays in office, we're threatened with total obliteration, thermonuclear war, and it's terrible. As we head into a period of more and more disastrous weather, we'll have the thermonuclear war thing around our necks. Getting rid of Obama, we open up the potential of becoming the true crafters of our environment and our future. So I'll open it with that.

SKY SHIELDS: These are the kind of things that wipe out civilizations. You have, very clearly, this is not just going to be a war threat, that right now, you're watching under the most dangerous circumstances, under the circumstances that we as a species should be gearing ourselves up to defend ourselves against the new conditions we're finding ourselves in on a galactic level, that we're looking at these changes in weather patterns, as you're saying, that you're not going to understand from inside the Earth. You're going to have to understand from mastering processes that are coming from outside the Earth.

In the middle of that, you have something as idiotic as launching a thermonuclear war? Anything that might possibly survive a conflict between Russia and the U.S., which would be very little, would be wiped out in short order by the other changes we're talking about: By both disease, and the natural toll of war, which comes right after the actual destruction. But then, you've got the unnatural toll you're talking about, with these sorts of extreme weather events, which we're not even in a position to look at, because of what Obama's policy has been vis-à-vis NASA over the recent last few years.

Now, that puts us in a real — I hope people can grasp that, that those are the conditions under which civilizations disappear: Those are the compounded events that civilizations vanish underneath. So, we're in a position right now, where it's going to require, both this motion in the Arctic, but then, I mean the other proposal that came out of Russia that's significant, is the revival of your SDI, but in an expanded form. But now taking this and saying, okay, what we proposed at the time was absolutely revolutionary, given the conditions that we were looking at, that had to be it, where you're pushing the frontiers of scientific knowledge. No portion of this can be off the shelf in its technology, no portion of this can be something that you just grab: You want to make this something where you're pushing for a fundamental breakthrough, and in this case, the fundamental breakthrough is defending ourselves against these extraterrestrial threats.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, to do that, you have to first of all recognize what the nature of our problem is, and the nature of the problem which humanity itself represents: We have been living, for as much as we know of history, that is, much of concrete history, where we know what people were saying, thinking, and so forth, clearly.

And that entire period is dominated by what we call the oligarchical system. The oligarchical system is the controlling factor in all modern civilization, even medieval and early ancient civilization.

So when you're talking about control, you have to say, Okay man has the choice; mankind has the choice. Does mankind have the capability of making the choice we're talking about implicitly? What's the significance of Obama? Obama is nothing. He's an absolute piece of trash. There's no content to him of any significance. He's only a tool of the British Empire in its true form, and he's a throwaway for them. They don't give a damn about him: they're just using him; he's a useless piece of trash is what he is, essentially, nothing else but that.

But the point is, therefore, as long as the oligarchical system dominates the planet, the oligarchical system's very nature demands that it block creativity. That's what it means now. For example, take the case of the British Monarchy: The British Monarchy which is the controlling political force on this planet today, because the United States, under this government is nothing; under the past two Presidencies, nothing! We had a reprieve there with Clinton, for a while, but he did not have the ability or the inclination, to go to the kind of challenges I would make, of actually changing, breaking down this oligarchical system and getting to the intention of what the U.S. Constitution was. Which no one has dared to really maintain since the death of Kennedy.

There has been no actual thrust of effort in the United States, to reverse the oligarchical tendency which was unleashed by the assassination of Kennedy, through this damned war. So, we have a population whose tendency is Green. Green people can not survive this situation. Nations which are Green, mean mass death of people, and probably extinction of the human species.

Because, as another part of the weather thing, we're going into a galactic changes, in the trends of weather, and during the past year, notably, we've already experienced some of these trends in a significant degree, as weather manifestations. But you look more deeply, and you look at some of the galactic features which are causing this shift, or controlling this shift, you see mankind is at risk of extinction. Because we're going into an area of the galaxy, where humanity is dwelling, we're going to an area, where the likelihood of the ability of mankind to survive these conditions; with scientific and technological progress, properly directed, we can probably create the survival of the human species. But under the oligarchical trend in policy, we can not! And we're now getting a pre-taste of a movement of the whole Solar System into a direction in which that condition exists.

So now, the fundamental issue on this planet, is getting rid of the oligarchical system! If you don't get rid of the oligarchical system, we're finished. And probably, we're on the road to extinction. Therefore, that means, you have to eliminate, in particular, the only empire of significance which has existed on this planet since the Roman Empire! That empire, today, is the British Empire. And anyone who doesn't believe that has to be some kind of an idiot, a non compos of some kind.

Because it is the British Empire which controls the major part of the planet, especially the trans-Atlantic region.

Presently, with the rise of China and the resurgence of some vitality in Russia, and some other things in Asia, there is a challenge to the British Empire. It has not manifested itself as an assertive challenge, but it could. If the United States allies itself — go back one step. Europe doesn't mean anything any more. What happened is, when the British Empire, under Margaret Thatcher, demanded that the nations of Western and Central Europe, capitulate to being merely puppets of the British Empire, which was what the agreement was, you have had a destruction of the nations of Western and Central Europe, to such a degree that today, the nations of Continental Western and Central Europe no longer have any real sovereignty. They don't have nationhood in a real sense any more, it's been taken away from them. They might get it back! But, at the present moment, they don't have it, and they're losing it rapidly. We're on the verge of a general breakdown crisis.

Now, this is all orchestrated by the British Empire. They control Western and Central Europe, and have great influence in other parts of the world, more or less great. They control Africa totally. The British Empire owns every inch of Africa! And are responsible for all the rates of death in Africa, and similar kinds of afflictions, including insurrections and whatnot.

So we're coming into a period, where the trans-Atlantic region, as long as the United States is controlled, as it is now, by the British, through Obama and what Obama typifies, and the Bushes — the Bushes are a Bush league crowd. No, seriously, this is this is the most disgusting thing we've ever had! You have — the Bush, Prescott Bush, who was the man who financed Hitler's career! Hitler had lost his career, and Prescott Bush got it back for him. Prescott Bush was part of a British operation, a British-controlled, London/New York kind of operation, and he was the one who actually put Hitler into that position, funded him. But he did it under British orders! Because the Bushes are British agents! They're not patriots! They're not capable of patriotism, instinctively incapable of patriotism.

All right, so you have trash like this, oligarchical trash, the Wall Street and Boston Brahmin crowd, absolute trash. So they are traitors, in effect, to the United States! They always have been — you know, Benjamin Franklin knew that: He said we ought to put them on a boat and ship them off to England, right away! We don't want them here any more! But somebody let them stay and that was a big mistake.

So we have temporarily lost our sovereignty. We're merely puppets of a British agent, an Obama, a terrorist with no mental credentials whatsoever.

So therefore, under these conditions, there is no present hope for the survival of civilization unless there's a change. The one change that would do it, all that would have to happen, is, take this animal, this Obama, remove him from office — and he is clinically insane, and therefore, under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, he could whskkk! out, gone tomorrow! He also has committed offenses against the Constitution, which define his expulsion!

If we get him out of there and get an actual patriot in there instead, then the British no longer will be able to organize the kind of world war, the thermonuclear war that they intend to create!

Look at this other factor here, to consider: Look at the rate of inflation, since actually 2007, but became obvious in 2008: The hyperinflation which was launched at that time, has dominated the trans-Atlantic region entirely, since that time. We're now at the point of a general breakdown crisis: We have a rate of inflation which is eternal! Unless we were to take the Glass-Steagall law and apply it in the United States in particular, but also Europe, if we could survive. As long as we do not repeal this kind of [hyperinflationary] proposition, we're in a hopeless situation. There's no chance of growing.

The British, in the meantime, have committed themselves to two things: First of all, the reduction of the world's population from 7 billion people to 1: And that's rapidly intended, and it's feasible, if you launch a new world war. A new world under present conditions, would be a ripeness of the world, for a mass extinction effect, quickly, throughout the world. The British intend that.

Now, this has two aspects to it. First of all, it is their intention: the British royal family, and its whole crowd, has ordered itself committed the "Green solution." The "Green solution" means reducing the world's population quickly to 1 billion or less, from 7, now. The preconditions for that exist. Under those conditions, we're looking at the potential extinction of mankind.

So therefore, our job is to break the British Empire, and we can do that readily: Because if the United States pulls out from being an agent of the British Empire under Obama and Obama's types, then we get back our independence. If we get back our independence, since we, the United States, control the world's most important resource in thermonuclear weapons, — Russia has more thermonuclear weapons total, than we do — but they have the crucial delivery capability right now. If the United States is no longer working as an ally of the British, against what we represent as the United States, then this world war, this plan now, is off. They can't pull it off.

The one thing that's in the way, the one thing that threatens the existence of the United States and its people the most right now, is the continued presence of Obama as President. No, we put him a cage some place, safely, take care of him; nothing must happen to him. No one must touch a hair of his head! But no one should listen to a word of his voice!

Right? Just put him away some place, where he's taken care of, probably live to a ripe old age, and may smell that way.

But that's our problem. So that's where we stand. If we throw Obama out of office now, and that's the one thing we must do in the immediate future — if we don't, we're in danger of thermonuclear war. And thermonuclear war, in terms of combined with the weapons systems, but the effects of the weapons systems, would mean a large degree of extinction, and probably would set off a chain-reaction of effects, which would be an extinction.

And so, that's the determination of our policy now: And you have to realize, how stupid people are! What lack of courage! What lack of intelligence is shown by leading members of our Congress and so forth. the gutlessness of leading politicians who know better, but don't have the guts to risk challenging these characters!

And that's where we stand, and that's our weather system: because the characteristic of the oligarchical system is, it must keep the mass of people stupid, and not too numerous. That has always been the policy of the oligarchical system! Always. The British system is typical, today. The British system in India, mass extinctions, mass killings! China, mass killings: British policy! Africa: mass killings, regularly, continually!

And therefore, the point is, the British Empire has to be eliminated; it's easy to eliminate it. It's now hopelessly bankrupt. Unless it can get control of the world, and get a completely new system and just cancel the old money debt — that's all they can do.

SHIELDS: That puts a beautiful lie to this whole line, that you keep getting, "Well, what do we replace Obama with?" You're not talking about just shifting a chesspiece here, you're talking about changing a whole system.

LAROUCHE: That's just silly people listening to and repeating silly things they're hearing.


LAROUCHE: It doesn't mean a damned thing, they don't know what they're talking about!

SHIELDS: No, it's the process underneath is what you're really acting on.

LAROUCHE: The problem, essentially, is we don't have people in government, who are actually qualified to be leaders! They are followers! And they're like some animal following a dung cart, you know? They're just following, following, following... "I believe in my leader!" And all the leadership they've been getting, has been destroying them over all these years. Ever since Kennedy was assassinated. We've been going down and down, in greater consent, to the British Empire.

What happened was, that Kennedy, who was, in a sense, the new Franklin Roosevelt essentially, in his personal commitment, hmm? That the killing of Kennedy, and plunging the nation into a war in Indo-China, set into motion the destruction of the United States. The very fact that those who killed Kennedy, who assassinated him, who are the New York-Boston-London crowd, they killed him! It was not some little twerp down in Texas. He was killed by an international team, which was sent from Europe, through Mexico, to get into Texas, and that's how he was killed! And these guys were gone, back across the border, before anybody had sneezed, and discovered where they'd gone too. And it was a nice, little neat coverup, by the people who knew what they done! So it was a treasonous act against the United States, neatly covered up!

And we were destroyed by a process, which led through a dozen years, actually, in effect, of the war in Indo-China and its after-effects. And we never recovered from that! We got the administration of Carter: Now, Carter was a farce! But he was a useful farce, because he allowed things to happen, under his stupid administration, which contributed to our destruction. And then, right after that, you got into the question where the Bush family came back in again. And they'd always been there, there was always a commitment for Bush to succeed.

So that's where we are: We have lost our sovereignty, in a real sense. We've watched our people thrown into destitution, unnecessarily, increasingly. We've lost our honor. And we voted for a fake, a jerk, who didn't actually win the election, in terms of honest counting of votes and arrangements, not at all! It was a British fraud. And we are now on the verge of being destroyed.

And the galactic situation is not promising, in terms, if we're going to stay with a low level of technology, we're in trouble, very serious trouble. So therefore, it's a matter, right now, it's the immediate duty of anyone who deserves the name of patriot, to get this guy thrown safely out of office, stop this warfare, and get back to real American policies. Because the policy of the oligarchy if it controls the planet, is exactly what the British say: A Green policy which means mankind is condemned to an early extinction, in effect, but they don't care!

And if we don't understand these things and don't act against them, you say: "Weather or not."

MARTINSON: A small note: Obama could be kicked out by Christmas. People say, "Oh, well, maybe Congress, they're off in their hotspot vacation zones, right now, in the Bahamas and whatnot." But they could be called at any time, with the 25th Amendment, and have an immediate succession of the Presidency, right then and there, today. Any day before Christmas, that could happen: It just takes a little bit of guts and courage among some people who have not shown very much recently.

But just on the Green issue: You know, if you look at how brainwashed — how much effort the British Empire puts into brainwashing the population! Right now, all the discussion is about how all these, you know that global warming is causing the melting of the sea ice, up in the Arctic and that's going to cause untold disasters on the planet. The ocean levels are going to rise and everybody in San Francisco is going to drown and all this stuff: Terrible!

But, and so now, there's tons, you know, conferences are being held trying to prove that global warming is causing the melting of the sea ice and it's going to destroy everything! But if you just look, the big irony is that back in — starting in 1989, through about 1995, there was an abnormally super strong, this polar jet stream just whipped up, and if you watch the videos you can see it: You know the way sea ice up in the Arctic works is that it accumulates. It'll accumulate and then in the summer it won't melt completely. And then the next winter, it'll freeze again, and then it won't melt completely. And so you have this building up of 20-, 30-year-old ice, that sits up there, and that accumulates and shrinks, accumulates and shrinks. And it relies on that in order to the keep the temperatures really cold.

Back in the early 1990s, this polar vortex whipped up, and apparently blew a bunch of this ice, out past Greenland and Iceland into the Atlantic Ocean and depleted all of this really old ice! So now, if you look at the Arctic, it hasn't been able to get back up to the conditions that it had had before: Almost 70% of the ice now, is less than three years old.

So then you have this wild feedback: Where, you don't have a lot of ice, the albedo goes down, it doesn't reflect a lot of sunlight, so it heats up, and then you can say, "Oh, well, people did this." Well, it wasn't people that did it, it was the Sun that did it, by creating this wild change in the Arctic system!

So the way the Greenies react is they say, "The way we can deal with the changes in the sea ice, is by stopping technological development, — and especially in Africa. We have to stop the Africans and the Chinese from getting all this technology, so we can stop the melting of the sea ice!" When in reality, if you want to modulate the climate up in the north, we need to have a lot more technology, and a lot more discoveries, 'cause we don't really know how these processes work up there. And it's certainly not that temperatures are going up, because we're breathing too much, or because Africans are breathing too much.

So the British have just put an enormous amount of effort into this brainwashing operation, which is going to kill everybody. If thermonuclear war doesn't get us first, the brainwashing is going to get everybody. Which is why we need to have, — I think we need to have government intervention into the development of the Arctic and driving scientific and technological progress, in order to sweep people back into thinking like humans again.

LAROUCHE: Precisely so. That's the meaning of the whole weather program. Exactly that, to brainwash the idiots who are susceptible to be brainwashed into Greenism.

And also, the other thing is, the whorishness that goes into this: You have all these people called "scientists," who will tell these terrible lies and try to terrify children with these lies, hmm? And they're all liars! They're all frauds! I mean, they're a fraud case!

MARTINSON: And the bulk of it is done for money or status.

LAROUCHE: Yeah, yeah. And this is a deliberate brainwashing operation, and it's run largely through the universities. Professor So-and-so, you want to say that? you're out! Professor So-and-so, if you don't say that, you're out! If you want to have a career, you want to get attention? You want to be used? You're out!

So therefore, you have a brainwashing operation, in which cowardly people, who call themselves scientists and don't have to know science any more, all they have to do is recite the ritual, are determining the policy as "the experts," and everything they're saying, are lies! We almost have to throw most of our university professors out of office, in order to be able to get an honest education! It's that bad, but that's the process.

We've seen this in history before. We've seen mass populations capitulate under terror, like the Roman Empire, repeatedly; and then the Byzantine Empire, again! And then the Crusader system, that was a great population reducer, wasn't it? And then, what's happened under the British Empire, since, and what emerged as the British Empire. And we went through, to eliminate the Renaissance, we had warfare from 1492 to 1648, a permanent state of warfare, genocidal warfare throughout the system.

And then we had all these other wars, the British wars, and they're all British wars, British Empire wars.

So therefore, we have a population, we've come to a point of crisis, which is like the Black Death crisis in the 14th century: It opened up the gates, where the oligarchical system was crushed by its own disintegration, and then we had a period in the 15th century, where there was Renaissance, centered on what happened in Florence. And this Renaissance was then challenged, by the introduction of new warfare, to bring it about from 1492 on. And we went through religious war, from 1492 to 1648, through most of that period, on or off, which again brought us to a point of destruction, in which you had the new version of the Roman Empire, the British Empire came into being under William of Orange and his followers.

And we've been in this kind of thing for a long time, so — we do have the ability, if we're historians, to understand how mankind has been manipulated by the oligarchical principle. And that's the same thing we're dealing with now. And today the oligarchical principle is centered in the cowardice of the Americans, since the killing of Kennedy in particular. Our cowardice and the cowardice of people around the world.

So you've had this, what happened in this process, you had, Russia is coming back from its tragedy, which was inflicted by the British. I mean, for example, if the British had not effectively intervened, to prevent what I had initiated as the Strategic Defense Initiative, if that had not happened, we'd be out of the mess now. But what happened, is the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the worst possible way, led immediately to the destruction of the sovereignty of the nations of all Western and Central Europe! Which mean the sovereignty of all nations, in that whole northern area, Europe/Eurasia.

In this process, China was allowed by the British to grow in a certain way, in a way they regret very much today.

So unless we reverse that process, which means get the British out while they're vulnerable, easy to get the British out: Take the United States toy away from them! Get Obama out, and the United States toy is no longer a toy! In that case, you'll find that we'll have military and other patriotic circles in the United States, who do understand, increasingly what we're talking about! And if they take charge, as they can, then we can get our nation back, and we will have powerful nations, or powerful combinations of nations, which will join with us, and the British Empire will be a thing of the past.

MARTINSON: And the deep problem is this oligarchical principle that the population, especially in the United States has gotten — you know, the Christmas season is here, and the typical problem with Christmas is that people get really focused on their senses. You know, the sense of smell, sense of taste, you want to taste the fudge, you want to taste the stuffing and everything like that; but it's a reinforcement of the basis of how the oligarchical principle works. Man does not function based on sense-perceptions, but he functions based on understanding that there are principles that drive processes in the universe, that you can't see with any of your senses; you can't build a sense-perception instrument, to sense principles! You can build them to sense shadows that are cast by the principles, but you can't build an instrument to sense the principle itself.

But man has an instrument that can sense that: Which is the mind. The human mind can understand and discover what the principles are that drive everything that you can sense, all the so-called sense-phenomena.

So it should be the mission of governments to drive forward the process of discovery of those principles, and instead of what we've got right now: which is people get totally focussed on — you know, it's the British operation. How do you keep people stupid, in — it's almost a clinical way of being stupid, to focus on the senses.

LAROUCHE: Mankind has always had a susceptibility, as far as I know the history of mankind, a susceptibility to manipulation of this type. And in our use of language, the way we use language, and our belief in language as magical, in its nature, makes us susceptible to this kind of manipulation that we've been subjected to. And which is why I've been spending so much time, in the course of this past year, on just exactly this question. That we have to understand how the creative processes of the human mind actually work, and our understanding of the use of language and the meaning of language, has been the biggest impediment to that: That the human mind is actually capable of certain kind of intellectual functions, which are beyond anything in the common idea of the use of speech, the common idea. This is possible. And it's what I've been working on.

But I would say, for the future of mankind, if we can get through this period, and understand what's wrong with the idea of language the way we understand it, we will not be susceptible to the kinds of manipulation which have gotten us, mankind, into this mess before. And I should hope that we would be able to have the chance to do just that.

MARTINSON: That says, "what do we replace Obama with?" Well, it's a culture of — it's a real human culture, of developing our concept of how we can increase our power over the universe in that way.

SHIELDS: Right. It's not simply removal of Obama, we're talking about removing an entire mindset that's been dominant over the history of humanity up until this point, now. That we're looking at being able to remove the oligarchical system the way, as you remove things, like slavery, cannibalism, etc. You can erase these from human operations, period. In fact, you have to! Because you're not going to be able to carry this principle off the planet in any way, you're not going to be able to colonize the Solar System with the oligarchical principle as a continuing part of our activity.

LAROUCHE: I would hope that within a few weeks, I shall have completed this series, and we will have a buinch of people who begin to understand what this is all about.

SHIELDS: [laughs] Okay. Exciting!

MARTINSON: You do, though. You run into the problem with scientific work, like there's a renewed study of cosmic effects on terrestrial weather. But the problem is that all of the language is in the form of one sense-perception affecting another sense-perception. It's almost impossible to investigate the cause.

You know, Kepler had the best way to discuss this: I think he really got — he understood what he was looking for in the universe, and so he could be careful in discussing it, and people think, "well, Kepler is a little esoteric in how he talks. You know, his language is very esoteric." But he's doing that, because he knows what he's looking for, is not a sense-perception, and it's not itself describable in terms of sense-perceptions.

But if you look at modern science today, especially, the weather, it's "this radiation is hitting this particle, and this particle is causing this chain-reaction of more particles, to increase entropy." And then that's causing the rain to hit. It's all based on sense-perceptions, and it's difficult to develop a concept of what are the real causal relationships that are involved, that's beyond something that's just some kind of kinetic series of impacts, that result in the weather.

SHIELDS: Yeah, right. Language that can discuss principle, as opposed to discussing objects. And right now, we're very heavily object — you could almost say, we're very heavily noun-based language.


SHIELDS: As opposed to one that allows you to get at the processes. Instead of a language that allows you to get at the invisible processes, act on that directly, communicate that directly, because that's what our survival depends on, the objects will disappear. Every object, every predicate will vanish, especially over periods like this. The trick is, can you address and discuss, — as Kepler did, as Cusa did! As he picked up from Cusa the ability to do this! — can you discuss a principle directly.

LAROUCHE: Well, that involves one thing: A real understanding of what Abelian functions really meant. And most people who are teaching Abelian functions, don't know what they mean. They think of it as some kind of, another language.

SHIELDS: Mm-hmm. They think just Abelian functions, as opposed to Abelian.

LAROUCHE: Yeah. And it's the real understanding of Abelian functions, as implicitly Riemann understood it, as well as others at the time; but that's the whole tendency, is you take the Einstein role, and this sort of thing, it's exactly that!

SHIELDS: Right. No, again, with Riemann and the Abelian functions, you get the ability — he demonstrates, you know with what they say is this topological treatment, but he demonstrates, you can discuss the phase-space in which a principle exists, directly. You don't have to discuss the shadows to discuss the phase-space.

LAROUCHE: Well, his entire habilitation dissertation is one of the greatest works of genius in all history, because it deals with — though in a certain kind of language, it's a preliminary kind of language, but he worked for some time on this thing, and what's in it, is there: This is the essence of what modern science, real science, is. And of course, there were others involved in this. But that's — we have to get rid of this kind of language we use in a sense, to understand what that means.

SHIELDS: I might be so bold as to say, that what you have in the habilitation dissertation is the basis for a new language, and frankly, it's the basis for a healthy theology; properly understood, it would be what you would do — a real ontology is there, in what he lays out.

LAROUCHE: Yeah. Yeah, it's the ontological question, and Riemann touched on it, in a very definite way. And we had a continuation of that by Max Planck's work; Einstein's work was on that thing. And we had a crushing of competent science during the 1920s, with that crowd, and that's what did it.

SHIELDS: You literally had them reduce everything to objects, and anything that was not an object, became actual statistics: That was the Solvay Conference. That's what quantum mechanics is, objects and statistics.

LAROUCHE: Yeah, right: The Solvay Conferences were the destruction of civilization, and they were led by Bertrand Russell, who was one of the most evil men of the whole century.

SHIELDS: Mm-hmm! and in that case, too, it was — in the reverse, that was also a theology! It was put out there with quantum mechanics, and you saw the spillover with all the crazy stuff in the '60s, all the quantum mysticism: It is a theology! That is oligarchical theology embedded in quantum mechanics as a system. And people adopted that, even people who don't know the specifics of the mathematics, adopted that as an ideology.

LAROUCHE: Well, that's what you get your payroll for.

SHIELDS: Yeah! [laughs] Allows you to keep operating.

LAROUCHE: Payroll is a major institution of education. It consumes people! [laughter]

Well, I hope people are scared enough to realize we have to do something about this.

SHIELDS: And to realize that it's worth fighting for. There's no reason to be stuck in the Hellhole we're in right now: It's not necessary! It's not necessary and it's boring.

MARTINSON: Yeah, and the other side is very beautiful.


MARTINSON: Our job is to make it a cold day in Hell, right now!

SHIELDS: Exactly! [laughter]

LAROUCHE: Yeah, freeze Hell over!

MARTINSON: Yep: We're going to give snowballs a chance in Hell, right now.

LAROUCHE: John'll love that.


LAROUCHE: As long as he doesn't have to shovel it.

HOEFLE: All right, well, I think that's a good place to stop this week. We'll see you next week.