The Green Bomb
December 23, 2011 • 8:27PM

by Dave Christie

The only way to stop the British Empire’s drive for a thermonuclear holocaust is to remove Barack Obama immediately. The British cannot pull off their insane plan for massive population reduction without access to the nuclear arsenal of the United States that is currently held hostage by the lunatic Obama.

However, were we to remove Obama and prevent World War III, there is still another weapon under the control of the British that is more dangerous, in the long run, than thermonuclear weapons. This is the weapon of environmentalism, introduced into our nation long ago under the likes of the Anglophile Teddy Roosevelt, but which current stagnant manifestation was planted during the 1960’s. This ultimate form of evil, this cynicism concerning the true nature of mankind, could never have been introduced into the United States, were it not for the death of key leadership of the USA, most notably John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert. It was at this moment that our nation’s morality and morale began the long decay that has resulted in the debased state of our society today.

So, when our citizens are presented with the evidence of the current drive for a thermonuclear holocaust, they will often respond that “they are not that crazy… why would they ever do that?” When the response comes that this war will be the result of the British Empire’s necessity to reduce the population of the world from the present level of 7 billion to less than 1 billion, somewhere in the back of their minds, or on the tips of their tongues, they will think or say, “well, it is true… we are overpopulated.”

Where does this insanity come from? Take a minute to reflect back to the year 1968, and amidst the collapse of the culture at that time, think simultaneously of both the release of Paul Ehrlich’s book entitled “The Population Bomb”, and the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Then, think of the motion towards the development and construction of the NAWAPA concept, and Robert Kennedy’s role in that. Introduce “The Population Bomb” into this spirit of optimism that still lingered through the late 1960’s, even after the death of Robert Kennedy’s brother, and other key leadership such as Martin Luther King JR. It is ironic that the 68-ers’absolute hatred of scientific progress, which was most clearly represented by their motion to destroy nuclear power for mankind, was done under the nominal cover of the antiwar movement’s desire to rid the planet of nuclear weapons. Yet, now our nation under Obama, who is perhaps a symbol of everything wrong with the axioms of the 68ers, is now on the verge of plunging the planet into a thermonuclear holocaust, targeting those nations of Eurasia who have moved forward on nuclear power and other progressive scientific endeavors.

The Galaxy is big. The Super Galaxy is even bigger. And while it is only a hypothesized entity, the Super- Duper Galaxy is even bigger than that. The environmentalists are lunatics. We have plenty of room. But this planet no longer has room for environmentalism, and the oligarchy that pushes it. If we make it through this near term avoiding a thermonuclear holocaust, the economic recovery we need demands that the environmentalist policy be destroyed. If we do not destroy environmentalism, we will face the same end as a thermonuclear holocaust, except that form of extinction would appear as a walk in the park, compared to the nasty form of extinction coming from the policies of environmentalism. So, let’s get Obama out, and get busy doing what humanity would do naturally, were it freed from the grip of the disease of oligarchism. May Prince Philip, and his like, return to the hell they would like to create here.

As of this writing, Prince Philip has just been taken to the hospital. Whether this is the day that Satan reclaims one of his greatest warriors, is yet to be seen. But for all of our sakes, may his wish of being reincarnated as a deadly virus, go unfulfilled, on whatever day he may go.

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