Think Like General Washington, Give the Enemy a Real Surprise
December 26, 2011 • 8:24AM

by Kesha Rogers

All pessimism and demoralization is not based on a scientific idea about what a human being really is. The usual excuses made about today's political crisis, "You'll never get Obama impeached," or "You're right about thermonuclear war but I'm waiting for November," or "I can't do anything, we have no power," blah, blah, blah… are examples of an animalistic, sense-based approach, to what is actually a crisis of one's human identity. While animals judge their chances of success by what they see around them as support or obstacles, humans think about changing what's around them by acting upon the ideas governing the process, thereby creating new chances which didn't exist before.

Real change is brought about when the creative imagination, and the real sense of human creativity, trumps the sense-perceptual view of man's role in the universe. As when Gen. George Washington realized the way to turn the tide of the Revolutionary War, was to take his impoverished and frostbitten troops across the Delaware River at a time when the British Empire had let its guard down for celebration of tradition. By all sense-based accounts, our ragtag troops had no ability to flank the enemy, but Washington knew how to think beyond what appeared to bystanders as an impossible situation, and acted decisively. He had the imagination to foresee victory in circumstances which the practical man would claim were impossible.

Imagine for a moment, that the relevant people act today to remove Obama for the right reasons, and just like that, we change our national direction. Imagine them doing that, and take a minute to imagine how that will change the way you think about your future.

Did your mind wander back to that deferred dream, which is a part of you? What you would do with your life, if you didn't have to compromise away that dream? If so, you're starting to think like those patriots who got in the boat with General Washington that stormy Christmas day. You're starting to live in that realm beyond mere sense-certainty, the realm of human immortality. This is the realm where principles of freedom and justice, liberty and union live, unhampered by fear, compromise, and mortal death. These are the ideals of mind which govern the universe, these are the substances of the truly human personality that give us the strength to cross all rivers, and overwhelm all opposition to the inalienable progress of mankind.

This is the substance that informs my campaign, and the national slate of LaRouche federal candidates. This is "why we fight", on street corners, highway intersections, when we call you on the phone, and everywhere else.

The same kind of personalities that got us across the Delaware River, 235 years ago, are the kinds of personalities that will have gotten us across the river of interplanetary space, in our colonies on Mars. But for those personalities to form, you must first cross that river within yourself, and join us in our fight to defeat this puppet in the White House now. Once he is gone, all those dreams actually become possible.

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