Where is Your Heart?
December 26, 2011 • 9:35PM

by Diane Sare

That may seem like an unusual question, but with Christmas just behind us and the New Year ahead, it is worth reflecting on a question which Mr. LaRouche has raised more than a few times, which is to imagine the face of a child who is going to die today in Africa as a result of Obama’s slavish obeisance to the British Empire. Most people find it uncomfortable to consider such a thing, let alone to consider that they, themselves have chosen to go along with the genocidal agenda. However, if you are not mobilizing with every ounce of passion to remove this Nero from the White House, you are, at least in part, responsible for these deaths.

Now, imagine in your mind’s eye, as General Buford had pondered what to do at Gettysburg on June 30, 1863, how the coming days and weeks are likely to unfold, should we fail to remove Barack Obama from office. The thought of that should propel you to take urgently needed action in joining the mobilization of LaRouche PAC and the Federal Slate of LaRouche Candidates across the nation.

General Buford led from the front, and knew that his cavalry forces were vastly outnumbered by the Rebel Army, but he also knew, that the only hope to buy time to allow the Union Army to arrive on the scene to win the pending battle, was to risk himself and his men, in order to slow the advance of the enemy line as it had to pass a narrow point in the road. Thankfully, he had the courage and passion to risk all, and his effort succeeded, even though he, himself died only six months later, of “exposure and exhaustion.”

The history of the United States is rich with the memory of such individuals, but lately such people are few and far between. If we are to survive, more of us must, as my fellow candidate Kesha Rogers so aptly put it, “cross the river in our own minds”, that is, search within ourselves for what makes our lives worth living, and fight for that principle with the knowledge that failure is not an acceptable option.

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