Food Charities Warn of Worsening Hunger in the U.S.
December 27, 2011 • 9:44AM

A "perfect storm" of hunger is sweeping across the United States, said leaders of the nation's largest distributor of charity food, "Feeding America," on a National Public Radio interview program done post-Christmas. They point out that there there is a huge jump in people who need food and at the same time, a cutback in donations. The post-Christmas NPR interview included the director of Seattle's food pantry, who gave details. For thousands of Americans, "the food is not there," just as Lyndon LaRouche has been warning.

Under Obama, and his two-stepping non-opposition, the Agriculture Department has cut its volume of food commodity donations by 40% to the food charity networks. The USDA has in the recent past, been the major supplier of many foods for charity, such as dairy products, eggs and meats. Now, the supplies are gone.

At the same time, there has been an increase of 46% of users of food pantries since 2006. The Feeding America spokesmen warned that when the new figures come out comparing 2011 to the year prior, the increase will be even more startling. They report that in many places, the people who last year were making the donations, are now the same people who are coming to receive them. One in seven families run out of food stamps by mid-month. These families, he said, "now have no place to go." Moreover, many pantry-users, who would come on occasion, have become recurrent users. One in seven Americans are now on food stamps and one in five Americans are now "food insecure"—polite government jargon for that they are going hungry.