Don't Forget About Hyperinflation
December 28, 2011 • 10:13PM

by Rachel Brown (MA)

Instead of the iceburg that sunk the Titanic unintentionally, the United States is now willfully holding on to that which sink it: the derivative assets of the failed British Empire-run global casino, and the failed ideology of British moneterism. It is astonishing that governments are still clinging to the delusion that they depend on increasing the supply of intrinsically hyperinflationary money which is now, implicitly worthless.

The debt of the Transatlantic system is a cancer which will destroy all the nations which attempt to service it. It is doing nothing but increasing its own worthlessness at currently hyperinflationary rates. The recent printing of 600 billion euros by the ECB, an all-time record, to fuel the banks' empty speculative ledger-books, is one example. Just as the mortgage market went upside down several years ago, and mortgage holders were left holding mortgages at unsellable values, so the banks today are still holding worthless, over-rated financial contracts, and being bailed out with taxpayer money. Glass-Steagall remains the only way to sever this debt from the livelihoods of nations, as well as the only measure which can allow for investment of credit into inherently worthy investments, such as those that increase the power of nations to survive.

One such investment in this line is NAWAPA, another is the development of the Arctic region, as is already being undertaken by Russia as a strategic flank againsted the London-dominated Transatlantic system. Trade corridors being opened up along the Arctic channel above Russia will change the relationship between Europe and Asia, allowing Russia to become the truly Eurasian nation it uniquely is. Glass-Steagall is in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton, who noted that the only debt which should be allowed is that which contributes to increasing a nations productivity.

Instead of the American Titanic, imagine this image: A ship, representing the American republic, perhaps called the Mayflower II, whose captain, the ghost of Alexander Hamilton, is cutting the rope which drags behind it a barge filled with a quadrillion dollars in derivatives. In front of the ship are icy snow-covered lands, as the ship sails into the Arctic, to build the northern dams of NAWAPA, the largest ever built, and to join the Russian development, allowing us to discover more about the relationship of the Earth to its galactic celestial neighbors, and about mankind itself.

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