The Power of Mind to Realize "That Which Is Better"
December 30, 2011 • 10:30PM

by Kesha Rogers


All People discuss it and dream on end
Of better days that are coming
After a golden and prosperous end
They are seen chasing and running;
The world grows old and grows young in turn,
Yet does man for betterment hope eterne.

'Tis hope delivers him into life,
Round the frolicsome boy does it flutter,
The Youth is lured by its magic rife,
It won't be interred with the elder;
Though he ends in the coffin his weary lope,
Yet upon that coffin he plants- his hope.

It is no empty, fawning deceit,
Begot in the brain of a jester,
Proclaimed aloud in the heart is it:
We are born for that which is better!
And what the innermost voice conveys,
The hoping spirit ne'er that betrays.

-Friedrich Schiller

In the words of the great poet of freedom, Friedrich Schiller, "We are born for that which is better." That which is better cannot be found through a belief in accumulating pleasant sense perceptions, but through the development of the creative powers of the human mind. The drive for something better is not merely attained between the bookends of a single life, of what happens in the time span of when we are born and when we die. It lies in the principled discoveries of mankind's creative role in the galaxy. Mankind, unlike any other species is capable of changing its nature by discovering new universal principles. The goal to discovering what mankind is, is achieved by understanding our role in the universe.1See the white paper by Michelle Fuchs and Sky Shields "Self-Developing Systems and Arctic Development: Economics for the Future of Mankind"

To achieve that greater mission for that which we are born, that which is better, we must shed the chains of the oligarchical principle, which seeks to collapse the existence of mankind to less than one billion living human beings on earth, using popular opinion to herd the human population into worldwide thermonuclear war, starvation, and economic depression, leaving us vulnerable to a mass extinction.

This is our resolution as we enter into the New Year, to free ourselves of the sense perceptual beliefs that keep us enslaved to the British oligarchy. The first real act in achieving this commitment is to ring in the New Year by throwing out the insane President Obama from the White House now. Facing the grave danger confronting mankind today, means we devote ourselves to the betterment of mankind. Creativity must move mankind forward!


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