The Insanity of the Queen
January 1, 2012 • 12:17PM

by Dave Christie (WA)

Every true American has an inherent hatred of Royalty. This hatred is sometimes expressed by simply laughing at the pomp and circumstance of a royal ceremony. While our European brethren take these ceremonies with a sense of awe, the American can’t help but either bust out in laughter, or get sick to their stomachs. However, this emotion goes deeper than merely laughing at funny hats and costumes. The emotion actually represents a sense of despising the concept that our value is determined by birthright or royal bloodlines. For the American, our sense of self-worth has nothing to do with our biology; it is determined by our soul, and our contributions to society and the ones that come beyond the end of our mortal years.

This concept must now be understood to have a deeper strategic reality behind it, in light of the present drive for a thermonuclear world war. As Obama continues to unfold his criminal insanity with the recent NDAA “Hilter Bill”, and the drive for yet another Libya style unconstitutional regime change in Syria, many people are beginning to realize that he is indeed insane enough to launch a thermonuclear showdown with Asia. Yet, there is a form of insanity much greater than Obama’s, emanating from his controller, Queen Elizabeth II. Her insanity comes from this idea which the American abhors: that her core identity is the biological existence of the Empire. It is this insanity which must now be grasped as the key strategic issue.

When LaRouche issued the clarion call to stop this drive for World War III, key leaders within the institution of the US Military mobilized to block Obama’s authorization for an attack on Iran, which would have lead quickly to a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and China. This mobilization was crucial and admirable, yet inadequate. Even the best patriots within our institutions imagine that they could either continue to block the insane Obama, or that his controllers would gradually come to their senses, perhaps recognizing that they don’t even have the money to launch new wars, in light of the absolute disintegration of the British Imperial transatlantic banking system. They are mistaken in both of these fantasies.

Obama is the Queen’s puppet, at her beck and call. She could never stop her drive for a thermonuclear holocaust, or some other method such as the environmentalist agenda for destroying the lives of 6 billion people on this planet. She will never allow the world to live without its submission to the British Empire. Were the British Empire to crumble under her clock, then she would fail all that this royal bloodline ever represented as the controlling force of mankind.

Sick, but true. She needs help. So does Obama. And so does her royal consort, Prince Philip. Let us end their insanity by taking away their play toy Obama, and bankrupting them with Glass-Steagall. It is time to finish the mission set forward in 1776, the mission of ending the oligarchical system forever.

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