Diane Sare: It’s the Constitution, Stupid!
January 9, 2012 • 5:37PM

Yesterday the Six LaRouche Candidates for US Congress, including myself, filmed a feature with statesman Lyndon LaRouche in order to make a few things clear to the American public. When you listen to it, you will hear Mr. LaRouche mention repeatedly, “The Constitution.” He is not merely referring to Obama’s Nazi-inspired NDAA, where American Citizens can be rounded up, and detained without trial. He is emphatically referring to Alexander Hamilton’s conception of National Banking, and the uniquely American system of credit, which is the ONLY way that we can not only survive, but GROW, which is what the rest of the universe is doing.

At the moment, with the caucus results in from Iowa, and the first primary about to occur in New Hampshire, many oppressed Americans are in a delusional state about the elections. Please stop talking about these worthless candidates! Not one of them, not Obama, and not any of the Republicans currently running, is fit to hold office. Would you really expect anyone who has had NOTHING to say about the actual civilizational crisis facing mankind during the campaign, to be prepared to address it once in office?

The only way to break this cycle, which is about to crash and burn in a New Dark Age, of war, famine and disease, is to force the removal of Barack Obama from office, or at least get things going in that direction, so that he is rendered “impotent and obsolete”. With Obama kept safe in a mental institution, or padded room in the White House, emergency action could begin to both pull us back from the brink of World War III, and to ram through FDR’s original Glass-Steagall Act, so that our nation could resume its commitment to the realization of human creativity, in the development of the Arctic, the construction of NAWAPA, and preparing to inhabit remote corners of our galaxy.

Forget the stupid candidates! Forget the November Elections! There is no one qualified running for President, and our nation is being destroyed as you read this. Congress is home on break right now, so find their town hall meetings, visit their offices, and demand that they take action to remove this Nero from office and uphold the US Constitution as they are each sworn to do.

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