Giudici to 1.7 million viewers: LaRouche and Glass-Steagall
January 14, 2012 • 11:49AM

Movisol representative and taxi union leader Claudio Giudici's appearance on the national TV talk-show "Servizio Pubblico" yesterday was a triumph. Claudio was albel to talk about his letter to the Financial Times, call for Glass-Steagall, and ask the host to interview Lyndon LaRouche.

After his intervention, hundreds of people posted comments on the program Facebook site. Servizio Pubblico has posted highlights of the broadcast on youtube, including one on Giudici saying: Claudio Giudici, Tuscany chairman of Uritaxi, says taxi liberalization proposals are a weapon of mass distraction and the issue to discuss is [to] separate commercial banks from investment banks.

Among the Facebook comments, here is an idea of the enthusiasm generated by Giudici among the overwhelmingly young audience:

Comment 1: "A taxi-driver knows more than an economist, professor, senator for life, Chairman of the Council of ministers, former University dean and friend of the State president".

Comment 2: "I would propose this taxi driver as minister for Finance and Reforms... and maybe even interim Prime minister. Great!"

Comment 3: "A genius. The reference to epistemology is sensational".

Comment 4: "Give me his telephone number!"

Claudio Giudici's five-minute videoclip has been linked by tens of other websites and blogs.

"Servizio Pubblico" is a political talk show run by Michele Santoro, who left the national RAI channels after having conducted the most popular political talk show in Italy, "Annozero". Santoro is a quite an egomaniac, Jacobin-tainted leftist, who led a crusade against Berlusconi but showed respect for Tremonti. Due to his high popularity, Berlusconi could not manage to kick him out, until he decided to leave and establish his own channel.

Servizio Pubblico can be viewed also on the Internet worldwide. It started with a share of 15% to go down to 7%, yesterday, which means 1.7 million viewers.

The program started at 9 p.m. and ended about midnight. Claudio was introduced quite late, around 11.

You can view the clip at: