ON THE GROUND: Diane Sare vs. Obama in Harlem
January 20, 2012 • 2:16PM

report from Diane Sare

LaRouche Congressional Candidate Diane Sare, plus 7 other organizers and an equal number of chapter activists arrived nearly two hours before Obama was scheduled to appear at a concert at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, and secured the prime sidewalk space directly across the street from the luminous entrance where lines were already forming down the block. The Police had intended to blockade the entire stretch of 125th Street, but the “Occupy Harlem” protesters had found us, and the crowd of anti-Obama demonstrators, as organized around our singing and large Christmas mobilization, quickly grew to about 400, so we were all allowed to stand our ground, in full view of all the poor schnooks who paid $100 each to see Obama, and were staring at the large rally across the street.

Our four foot tall Obama-moustache posters drew a lot of attention, as did the banner and the singing, so all kinds of cameras were swarming around us, as were the 3 or 4 paid Obama supporters, who were somewhat in our faces, but unsuccessful at provoking anything, in part because most of the “Occupy Harlem” people were there because of the NDAA, and it wasn’t really a stretch to make the Hitler point.

Diane Sare, and her campaign activists Lynne Speed and Frank Mathis, and others were interviewed by WBAI Radio, The Columbia Spectator (which ran an excellent article -- click here), a German news agency and others. We had the "Stop Nuclear Holocaust" leaflet with Lyndon and Helga’s statements on it and the “Why We Can’t Wait” leaflet form the Slate, and got out about 800 in total. Since our side of the street was the only “open” sidewalk for passers-by, hundreds of Harlem residents had to walk by us, and probably 80% of them took leaflets.

Stay tuned for more coverage, and get involved!

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