Turn Over the Chessboard
January 23, 2012 • 1:17PM

by Diane Sare -- LaRouche National Candidates Slate

Have you succumbed to the stupid election game? Have you decided that even though you don’t really like anybody running, that you have to choose X because he’s better than Y? Don’t do it!!! These candidates, from Obama to the silly Republicans are a disaster, which our nation cannot afford. The reason we are in this mess is because YOU, the voter have been too willing to go along with a cast of candidates hand picked for you by the enemies of our republic.

If Obama were to be thrown out of office under Section IV of the 25th Amendment, that would turn over the chess board. And why shouldn’t he be impeached? His serious violations of the Constitution are many, and Professor Francis Boyle has even offered his legal advice free to any Congressman prepared to initiate impeachment proceedings.

So what’s the hold up? It’s the same hold up that causes YOU to keep contributing to either party, and voting for stupid candidates when they are all acting against your interests and the interests of the United States. Stop playing the game!

The LaRouche Slate is organizing a second American Revolution. We are running for US Congress, but we, with Lyndon LaRouche, must act for the Presidency. The work done by Ben Franklin and his younger collaborators to create the United States in the first place is a good model. They defeated the British Empire before they had a President. With the groundbreaking scientific work being done by our Basement Team, and LaRouche’s expertise on economy and statecraft, there is no crisis facing mankind that we could not solve, provided YOU decide to jump out of the cage of popular opinion, where you are thrown a few scraps that make you want to vomit, and work with us, both by providing the funds that are urgently needed, and donating time to back up the campaign nearest you.

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