Vote With A Steel Toe Boot!
January 30, 2012 • 10:01AM

by Bill Roberts (MI) · LaRouche Federal Candidates Slate

Stop trying to squeeze nectar from a lemon! Don't demoralize yourself by searching for some aspect of one of these presidential candidates which is less despicable. Even mentally going through the act of choosing from this list of zeros currently running is an act of oppression itself. Vote with a steel toe boot! The polling place is the rear end of those cowardly members of congress and others who are too morally weak to defend our nation by removing this insane, narcissist President.

Remember that the American Revolution was not won by a vote. We were invaded by an imperial army which we shot at and were shot by, and we won with a small minority of our population truly backing the cause. Gen. George Washington did not take a vote on the crossing of the Delaware River.

The first American administration was composed by the intention and toil of a team of patriots -- Franklin, Hamilton, Washington and others -- who as a team brought together the expertise, courage and unity of purpose to see into the future and create a nation which could endure the test of time.

The required metric for whether or not mankind, let alone this nation, is capable of surviving is a matter of knowable, physical scientific principle. Just as flotillas of ships sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to make a home for human civilization to flourish, mankind now depends upon the advantage to be gained from successfully colonizing Mars and bringing that far-off desolate planet into the neighborhood of man's dominion, with the power of fusion rocketry.

This frontier of mankind is not so much a location in empty space, but is defined as any true frontier always has been, by the necessity for a willful upshift in human economic behavior to avoid a dark age collapse and our species' eventual extinction. The invariant in this process is a constant increase in the energy flux density of the system of human economy through technological advancement, and in our management of the system of the biosphere which we artificially organize. For a full pedagogical elaboration of this principle make sure to watch: the January 26th Weekly Report Special: the Collapse of Empire.

The only tolerable policy platform consistent with this outlook is coming from our LaRouche Slate of Candidates: 1) Obama must be impeached for overt violation and subversion of the U.S. Constitution, 2) the re-implementation of the original Glass-Steagall legislation, to cancel and outlaw the bailout of speculative assets under a separation of the commercial and the private investment banking sectors, and 3) the establishment of a Third National Bank for the issuance of Hamiltonian credit to facilitate the return to unfettered, sovereign economic development.

In a period in which we can expect more life threatening extreme weather events, massive earthquakes, coronal mass ejections from the sun and menacing near earth objects, candidates for Federal office who ignore the need to prepare for these types of forecastable events must be kicked to the curb as dangerous fools! Presidential contenders who spout policies based on the zero-technological-growth outlooks of monetarism and environmentalism, should be treated with absolute contempt and ridicule, (especially if they happen to be named after a creature whose ancestors have not been anywhere near the top of the food chain for at least 300 million years.)

The Slate of LaRouche Candidates typify an expanding team of individuals, who are crafting, in some degree of detail, exactly how this policy program will be carried forward, and defining the narrow pathway of criteria which must define the Presidency immediately.

Bill Roberts (MI)

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