Are the American People Smart Enough to Survive?
January 30, 2012 • 4:50PM

by Diane Sare (NJ-5) · LaRouche Federal Candidates Slate

On the LaRouche PAC Weekly Report of January 26, groundbreaking material was presented by Lyndon LaRouche and members of his Basement Team on the nature of the development of the biosphere.

Extinction Events

The most striking aspect of this video presentation was the clear demonstration, using graphics such as the one shown here, that the so-called “Extinction Events”, are the method by which the ever-developing universe purges itself of inferior species, to be replaced by more advanced, and more complex species.

An example of this is the most recent extinction event – that of 65 million or so years ago, when the dinosaurs failed to adapt to the climactic and other changes occurring on earth as a result of inter-galactic activity. The dinosaurs disappeared, along with thousands of other species, but the tiny, hairy mammals survived!

The mammals, which require about ten times the caloric intake per unit of body mass, were also able to self-regulate body temperature, and move rapidly on land. Also, the percentage of brain mass relative to body mass was much greater than that in the dinosaurs. So, the dinosaurs disappeared, and the mammals, not only survived, but multiplied and prospered, and somewhere down the line, human beings appeared, who can hyperbolically increase their energy consumption and production, as a result of willful creative activity, to the point that there are now 7 billion of us on the planet!

There has been a war over centuries between the satanic, oligarchical opinion promoted today by the environmentalist movement, and the current pack of worthless presidential candidates, that “small is beautiful”, “don’t spend what you don’t have”, “conserve, and consume less”, and the true opinion held by America’s founding fathers, as well as great Presidents like Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, and clearly demonstrated in the Weekly Report referenced above, which is that our universe is continuously upshifting the intensity of its activity, and as Alexander Hamilton understood, the whole point of human economy, is to reproduce this character through the unbounded expansion of our influence in the galaxy.

Going along with what the British Empire wishes to feed us in the form of these candidates for high office, from the incumbents on down, in both parties, is tantamount to accepting that gravity does not exist (because you saw someone say so on TV) and marching off the top of a tall building. That is why my question to the American voter is not, “Who among this pack of losers are you voting for?”, but “Are you smart enough to make it through the next extinction event?”

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