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January 24th 2013 • 11:16PM

We’ve made it clear, through our deployments into the nation’s capital and elsewhere, that the overarching policy of the Obama administration is to ally with terrorist networks, and what we are seeing is an intended effect of that policy, not a result of an omission of talking points.

January 12th 2013 • 3:49AM

Keynote to the fifteenth Friday webcast by Lyndon LaRouche addressed to the American people.

December 4th 2012 • 10:36PM

Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC), perhaps the most serious congressman in the nation about bringing our U.S. troops home from Afghanistan, speaks on our endless war policy and the U.S. financing of the Taliban.

January 12th 2013 • 3:53AM

The fifteenth Friday webcast by Lyndon LaRouche addressed to the American people.

January 10th 2013 • 12:00AM

Before you let the U.S. launch the next 'Vietnam' war on the road to World War III, find out what is happening in Syria. LaRouche PAC brings you an exclusive interview with Mother Agnes-Mariam from the Monastery of St. James the Mutilated in Syria.

November 29th 2012 • 7:56PM

Could it be that the Obama Administration and the big drug legalization promoters internationally like George Soros don’t actually care about the medicinal benefits of marijuana on your cancer recovery or your ‘rights’ as an individual to use illicit drugs for recreation?

Prime Time Report • February 3, 2012
February 3rd 2012 • 11:42AM

We live in a time and in a land of few honest men. The alliance between the US, Russia and China is the only available remedy, but it is only possible with a Glass-Steagall policy and the establishment of a credit system, and this policy can only come from the United States. Will we allow our nation and our culture to go extinct? Or will we be a nation of honest men?

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