Only One Nation Has Ever Used a Nuclear Bomb in War
February 6, 2012 • 3:17PM

by Diane Sare

For those of you who don’t know which nation, it is the United States of America, which dropped two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in August of 1945. The Japanese were already in the process of negotiating to surrender because of the effective naval blockade of General MacArthur. “If that is true, why were the bombs dropped?” A horrified patriot might ask. They were dropped because President Franklin Roosevelt’s untimely death, led to the occupation of the white house by one Harry S. Truman, a Wall Street man, who was a British puppet, just as our current President Barack Obama is a tory traitor today. That is why it is so urgent, even at this seemingly late date, that Obama be removed from office under Section IV of the 25th Amendment, or impeachment proceedings.

The meltdown of the Trans-Atlantic banking system, and the capitulation of the Democratic Party to go along with Obama, while the Republican Presidential Candidates launch a war drive of their own, has created an urgent situation which led Lyndon LaRouche to deliver the following assessment, as well as making a presidential address to the nation tonight. "We are in the immediate vicinity of a mass kill of humanity through a thermonuclear war. And just take an estimate, of the number and capability of the thermonuclear weapons on the U.S. submarine fleet in the Pacific! Because that's exactly where the attack on Russia and China is going to come from: It's going to come across the Pacific, and it's going to come against China and Russia, and some other countries around there. That's the target. And it's going to be a preemptive target, with the idea that with the first launching of these bombs, nobody's going to be left alive, in that vicinity: That's the reality of politics now!"

Don’t delude yourself by saying, “nobody would be that crazy.” President Truman already demonstrated that somebody would be that crazy, and the nuclear warheads we have in just one of the Ohio-class submarines today is 1,400 times MORE powerful than the bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. In addition, as rotten as Truman was, as LaRouche has pointed out, there has been a serious moral and cultural degeneration of the American population over the last three generations, and Obama is no exception to this. He is far crazier than any of the worst presidents we have ever had. So, tune in to the webcast tonight, and watch this site for the official launching of the candidacies of LaRouche Democrats Dave Christie, Rachel Brown and Bill Roberts this week.

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