LaRouche Democrat Dave Christie Announces Candidacy for US Congress
February 9, 2012 • 3:41PM

by Dave Christie

Humanity is now closer to thermonuclear world war than during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The present sabre rattling is not directed at Iran or Syria; it is directed at Russia and China. As the trans-Atlantic banking system disintegrates, the British Imperial financial syndicate is launching this war to maintain their power, and destroy all nations that refuse to give up their sovereignty and accept their policies of global “governance” and depopulation, under the frauds known as monetarism and environmentalism. The only way to stop this onrushing thermonuclear war is through the immediate removal of Barack Obama.

With the immediate danger of this war, the Democratic Party leadership has succumbed to partisan politics over principle, refusing to challenge or contain Obama. From the other side of the mythical aisle, the Republican Party leadership and their dangerous clown-show presidential candidates are only clamoring to start this war before Obama can.

It is in this vacuum of leadership, that I announce my candidacy for US Congress in Washington State’s 9th Congressional District. I have chosen to run as part of the National LaRouche Slate, providing the national leadership to restore the functioning of the institution of the presidency in this moment of grave crisis. We must now “speak not of parties, but of universal principles”, as Franklin Roosevelt said.

The American people have suffered for over 11 years under the Cheney/ Obama administrations’ policy of endless war and increasing police state measures, such as the recent passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) co-sponsored by Congressman Adam Smith. $29 trillion dollars have been dumped into a bottomless pit known as the “bailout”, while one out of seven Americans is on food stamps, 13 million American children experience hunger, and real unemployment is undoubtedly over 20%, despite the fraudulent data and methods of reporting. Yet, the international banking cartel is now demanding that it is us, the American people, who must make the sacrifices through cuts to Social Security, Medicare, vital community services such as police, fire and education; even cuts to our military and the service men and women and their families, while billions are pumped into private mercenary firms and Obama’s beloved drone program, enabling his targeted assassinations, including US citizens.

We must reverse course now, beginning with the immediate removal of Obama. Then, there are two central and inter-related policies that form the core of my platform: Glass-Steagall, and Alexander Hamilton’s design for national banking. Once Glass-Steagall is restored, the original “The Banking Act of 1933” with no loopholes designed by Wall Street, we will find out that there is very little honest money left in the system that is actually tied to legitimate assets. Under Alexander Hamilton’s constitutional banking system, we will then generate new credit, tied to those necessary projects that will create the physical economic growth rates to pull us out of this crisis.

The degradation of our manufacturing and scientific capability over the last 40 years requires adequate growth rates in our scientific capabilities and technology that can only be achieved through reviving the space program; specifically, a manned mission to Mars with the use of fusion rockets. This will be part of the science driver to develop nuclear fusion as the next platform for our energy production. The space program will also be augmented by a revival of LaRouche’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), not only rendering nuclear warfare obsolete, but expanding the SDI concept to neutralize the threats from space such as asteroids and other space debris; what the Russians have called the “Strategic Defense of the Earth” (SDE). These science driver programs in space will dovetail the breakthroughs made in developing the harsh conditions of the Arctic region, with the keystone economic development program for the next generation, the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA). NAWAPA, a continental water management system, will solve our fresh water crisis by making water available for industry and enable the doubling of agricultural output. It will employ 4 million people in its immediate construction, with 2-3 million employed in the related upgrading and development of our power distribution and transportation systems, particularly high speed magnetic levitation train systems.

This is a real future for humanity. Survival now depends on cooperating with those nations of Eurasia around these development projects in a true trans-Pacific alliance, instead of being pitted against each other in the British Empire’s “divide and conquer” strategy. Our cooperation must be based on those “universal principles” that Roosevelt referred to, the principles that form the core of the Preamble of our Constitution that Hamilton authored under the guidance of Benjamin Franklin: the General Welfare, Posterity and Sovereignty.

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