LaRouche National Candidates Slate Congratulates Oskar Peterlini
February 10, 2012 • 1:25PM

by David Christie, LaRouche Democrat for U.S. Congress in Washington's 9th District

On behalf of the National LaRouche Slate, I would like to congratulate Senator Oskar Peterlini of Italy for introducing a Glass-Steagall bill into the Italian Senate. He has shown the courage that is sorely lacking on this side of the Atlantic, particularly within the US Senate.

The situation in Italy is only a microcosm of what the British have in mind for all nations of this planet. Mario Monti, the current Prime Minister of Italy, was installed as part of the banker’s dictatorship sweeping over Europe. Around the same time that former Goldman Sachs international advisor Mario Monti was installed as Prime Minister, former Vice Chair and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International, Mario Draghi, was installed as the head of the European Central Bank, while another Goldman goon, Lucas Papademos, was installed as the Prime Minister of Greece. This Goldman Sachs coup is simply part of the British operation to ensure that no nation on this planet has any shred of sovereignty, particularly the control of their sovereign banking system.

And yet, with this type of technocratic fascist government in Italy, Oskar Peterlini other Italian Senators have had the guts to fight for their sovereignty through this Glass-Steagall policy. As Peterlini acknowledges, it was Lyndon LaRouche’s associates in Italy, MoviSol, who organized and helped write the legislation. The motion around Glass-Steagall was also driven by the revolt of the taxi drivers’ union against Monti’s austerity regime, led by MoviSol activist Claudio Giudici. But the sustained leadership over decades in Europe has come from LaRouche’s wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche in Germany, and Jacques Cheminade in France. They have situated this fight from the top- to destroy the British Imperial system of globalization forever. Cheminade has made Glass-Steagall a central feature of his bid for the presidency of France, and has now made a significant breakthrough, securing the relevant signatures to get on the ballot. This has shocked the establishment of France, who sought to destroy Cheminade, financially and politically, in 1995. These political shifts we are now seeing in Europe indicate the growing sense of danger the world faces due to this global financial disintegration, particularly the danger of war which is rapidly escalating into a thermonuclear conflict between the British puppet Obama and the nations of Asia on the other, Russia and China immediately.

In the United States Senate, however, there is nothing but capitulation to this insanity. These Senators refuse to put a Glass-Steagall bill forward to match the House’s HR 1489. These Senators refuse to remove Obama, even though the danger of war and police state are now here. In the words of Lyndon LaRouche, they are acting like "damned cowards". The only competent leadership is coming from the National LaRouche Slate. Our mission is clear: remove Obama, restore Glass-Steagall, and return to Alexander Hamilton’s national banking system. We are the nation founded in the fight against the British Empire, and must return to this tradition of the American Revolution, or cease to exist. Mobilize with us to find those patriots with the guts and brains to fight for the renaissance that is waiting, once we destroy this Imperial System forever.

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