Bill Roberts Declares Candidacy for Michigan's 11th Congressional District
February 11, 2012 • 12:45AM

by Bill Roberts, LaRouche Democrat for US Congress in Michigan's 11th District

We are at a low point of national leadership in the United States today. There are no presidential candidates who are even remotely qualified to be President. The incumbent, President Obama is willfully acting as an instrument for the British Empire's drive to provoke a thermonuclear war against the nations Russia and China, whose economic development policies stand in direct contrast to the suicidal bailout and anti-science attitudes of the west. Since this insane President has not been impeached for violation of the War Powers Act or other impeachable violations, we live under the threat of being moments away from thermonuclear war. And yet, at this time there is no opposition from any leading Democrats to Obama's desire to remain in the presidency.

The LaRouche Slate of Candidates of which I am a member, is responding to this collapse of leadership by providing a clear bi-partisan presidential voice to those who have the guts to act now as patriots, instead of as blind partisans. For this reason, I have decided to run in the Democratic Primary in Michigan's 11th Congressional District. Others from this national slate will run in districts across the nation on the same unified platform.

After four years of Wall Street bailouts, the U.S. Treasury has shelled out 29 trillion dollars to private financial speculators, while the infrastructure of our cities and states have fallen into disrepair, poverty and real unemployment rates have risen to record post-war levels, and the Obama administration continues to approve hundreds of millions in cuts for state Medicaid programs. While Wall Street and Europe's private banking executives got bonuses for wrecking the economy, states and cities have been forced to cut back their workforce, and lay off emergency first responders and teachers. This economic crisis will not be solved by any more “fiscally responsible” but morally insane budget policies.

If the United States is going to recover, a Hamiltonian Credit System must be established. The original Franklin Roosevelt era Glass Steagall Act will have to be restored. This means, for starters, forced separation of all commercial banking from merchant banking activities. Under that new definition of legitimate assets, trillions in government obligations to merchant banks assumed through bailout operations will be dumped back on their owners. With these actions undertaken, the amount of available assets remaining will be insufficient for the requirements of the nation. Just as we did when the nation was founded, a National Bank will be established to issue credit in order to recapitalize commercial banks and provide for the funding of important national projects.

This Hamiltonian Credit System will be necessary to ensure the rates of growth of our economy needed for rapid, full re-employment of our work force, including the re-employment of our skilled manufacturing, engineering and construction trades sector. This can be achieved through the construction of NAWAPA, a massive continental water management program, which will require a revival of the manufacturing base of the rust-belt states as well as an overhauling of transportation and energy infrastructure of the nation. It is through the building of these types of long term platforms of economic development, that money will receive its value, not in the short term speculative binges of Wall Street, which perhaps can be converted into a zoo or theme park.

So before you demoralize yourself by endlessly debating entrenched partisan issues, remember that you are a citizen of a Federal Republic, which, without competent leadership will not survive. Any candidate for federal office who is not prepared to support these policies should probably not be running. The future is too important.

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