February 12th, 2012 • 10:46 AM
Thinking the Unseen

by Shawna Halevy

As follow-up to the discussion we've been having on thinking without words and of ideas existing beyond the senses generally, we've posted an article Thinking the Unseen, exploring the question of whether higher scientific thinking is visual. We follow the history of science and the development of the art of thinking from Cusa to Leibniz up to Einstein to see that the height of human thinking is above all sensual representation. What about painting and other plastic arts? Are we saying what Rembrandt, Da Vinci and other great artists did was useless? Here in this article we're simply discussing the formulation of thoughts and not explicitly the communication and expression of those thoughts. Once the leading thinkers in the population remember what creative thinking is and recognize it to be above the shadow world of sense, then we're prepared to discuss how to use the shadow world to communicate unseen principles and provoke discoveries in the minds of others. This is the process of leaders educating a population. The important point not to miss here is that the population and its so-called leaders are dominated by sense perceptual thinking, and therefore aren't equipped to deal with the real causes or crises at hand.

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