Russian Military Staff Chief Makarov: West May Attack Iran by Summer
February 15, 2012 • 10:06AM

Gen. Nikolai Makarov

Gen. Nikolai Makarov, Chief of Staff of the Russian Military, told reporters in Moscow Tuesday, that an attack from the West against Iran could take place as early as this summer. According to the news service Russia Today, Makarov noted that tensions so far between Tehran and the West have been confined to heated rhetoric, but in time, this could result in action. Makarov said that the Russian General Staff is monitoring the situation closely, and is not ruling out the possibility of a coordinated attack on Iran.

The RIA News Agency said that Makarov "expects Iran's enemies to decide in the next few months how to deal with a nuclear program that the United States and Israel have said they might attack." RIA quotes Makarov:

"Iran, of course, is a sore spot... There has to be some kind of decision about it now. It will be made, probably, closer to Summer." Makarov has spoken out before in recent weeks, against the idea of an attack on Iran.

He also spoke yesterday, according to Xinhua, against the U.S./NATO forward-basing of missile defense shield-installations in Eastern Europe, which the U.S. claims is to counter potential missile threats from Iran; and Makarov spoke against the prospect of the U.S. deploying warships in the Black Sea or Arctic.

"'In a case where such [Aegis anti-missile system-equipped] ships appear in the Barents Sea, or in the Black Sea, for instance, we will likely take special measures in the frame of the state re-armament program,' Marakarov told reporters," according to Xinhua. He added, "'But we would not like to use these measures, as they increase the financial burden for us.'"

As for the forward-basing of the US/NATO missile shield in Europe, Makarov said it would pose a threat for Russia. Xinhua wrote, "By 2018, an entirely different generation of those missiles would be 'capable of shooting down strategic missiles over our territory,' Makarov said."