British Spread More Iran Disinformation
February 17, 2012 • 10:35AM

The British continue promulgating disinformation, making the absurd claim that Iran is planning a joint terror operation with the Saudi-financed al-Qaeda.

London-based political risk consultancy Maplecroft is cited by the Daily Telegraph claiming that Iran has improved its ties with al-Qaeda as part of a campaign to target Western interests around the world, and that this could lead to a spectacular attack in Europe, such as against the London Olympics.

"This is a warning to the West that 'if you consider attacking our facilities then there will be consequences,'" said Anthony Skinner, the director of Maplecroft. "This would be a significant development that would represent a massive upgrade in al-Qaeda's capacity to strike."

Sky News reported yesterday that Iran had sealed a deal two years ago with the core al-Qaeda leadership to provide advanced explosives training and "some funding and a safe haven," a pact that had become "operational."

The Daily Telegraph writes, "British officials said Iran was known to use proxy groups such as al-Qaeda, but there had been no new lines of investigation opened into suspected plots involving the two sides."

Of course, no one stops to think that al-Qaeda, the extreme British-concocted Wahhabi fundamentalists, see Shi'ites (e.g., Iran) as worse than Satanists. Nor do they mention that it is the British with whom al-Qaeda is cooperating by attacking Iran's ally, Syria. Nonetheless, this is the same black propaganda drive as the one against Saddam Hussein, who had also been falsely accused of working with al-Qaeda.

Another talking head cited is Magnus Ranstorp, a director at the Swedish National Defense College, who also claimed that Iran could have used its alleged al-Qaeda links in the recent bombings in Thailand. A look at Ranstorp's biography exposes him for a British stooge, since he is the former director of the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, where he remains a member of the advisory board.