The Competent Candidate for the Presidency is the LaRouche Federal Slate
February 17, 2012 • 4:36PM

There is a contest going on now which will determine the immediate fate of the United States, but it's not the Presidential election. The media may hype about so-and-so's recent or expected electoral victory, but the battle for the United States is not going on in the primary polls either. RIGHT NOW there is a minute to minute fight for the existence of our nation, which is threatened by the potential of a global thermonuclear war and the controlled hyper-inflationary disintegration of the world's economy. Any candidate who is addressing "issues" instead of this stark reality should not be allowed anywhere near the Presidency of the United States.

However, don't despair about the lack of qualified candidates. The LaRouche Federal Slate is acting now to drive through the necessary actions to be taken, as would a functioning presidency. Although our "leaders" have been demoralized by generations of wars and do not have the courage to stand up on their own, the LaRouche Slate is ready to lead morally and truthfully; in a sense, to be the leadership of the leadership. The first step is Glass-Steagall. The financial system of Europe is beyond the reach of any monetary mechanism which could be constructed to bail it out again. European banks have admitted they will need 5 trillion euros before the end of the year, far beyond the debt of Greece, signalling the fact that this is not a crisis of any nation, it is a crisis of the system. Any candidate who is not for Glass-Steagall to restore a functioning national banking system is not fit to be President.

The potential wars in Syria and Iran, which U.S. military deployments show are actually aimed at Russia and China, were scheduled to begin directly following the killing of Qaddaffi, but due to Lyndon LaRouche's timely intervention which was joined by leading U.S. military generals, these wars have been delayed. The recent vetoes by Russia and China of a U.N.S.C. resolution hindered the ongoing British attempt to use the overthrow of Assad to launch this global thermonuclear war, causing uproars from Susan Rice, British Foreign Secretary William Hague and President Obama, who claimed that Russia and China now have "blood on their hands." The homicidal irony of Barack Obama is that even while he lauds his killing of Osama Bin Laden, Al-Quaeda forces from Iraq have been found to be part of the Assad opposition, committing atrocities against the citizens of Syria, in common cause and sponsorship with our British-run President! In Iran, similar operations have been exposed, as the British admitted to resorting to "covert operations" against Iran, and an MEK operative captured in Iran for the attempted assassination of an Iranian scientist, confessed to his recruitment and training by the Israeli Mossad. Ongoing sanctions against Iran are creating a food crisis for the citizens, in a medieval style hunger blockade. These are the conditions which must be addressed with real leadership, not to comment on the false "facts," but to address the larger issue: the collapse of the monetarist system.

The LaRouche Slate is fighting for a return to a system of sovereign nation-states, who are cooperating for human development with our eyes on the stars. Citizens too must not simply blame the shadows on the wall, but look into yourselves and ask, how has your thinking been affected by these decades of collapse, war, and loss, as seen in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, of moral leadership? Human happiness, as Gottfried Leibniz said, arises from wisdom, through the pursuit of knowledge, scientific truth, and acting on this understanding to better the lives of others. We have to act now to stop the Empire at work in our minds, and fight for the policies that must be adopted for human survival, beginning with the removal of Obama from office.

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