British Foot-Soldiers Demand Immediate Intervention into Syria

by Gretchen Small

Remember Liz Cheney? Self-proclaimed "universal fascist" Michael Ledeen? The Weekly Standard's William Kristol and John Podhoretz? The New Republic's Martin Peretz? And even Karl Rove? These are among the 56 British ass-kissing neo-conservative liars and chicken-hawks who brought the world the war on Iraq and Afghanistan, who today issued an open letter to Barack Obama, demanding he order an "immediate" U.S. intervention into Syria, in the name of "humanitarian" concerns.

Sponsoring the letter is the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, the same group which LaRouche PAC fingered again last week as a key promoter of the Mossad-funded and -trained Mujahideen e-Khalq (MEK) terrorists being deployed as assassins inside Iran. Their demands are a virtual carbon copy of war plan put out earlier by the London-headquartered Henry Jackson Society: U.S. and other foreign forces must establish "safe zones within Syrian territory," and "no-go zones for the Assad regime's military and security forces," and work with Congress to impose "crippling" sanctions targetting Syria's energy, banking and shipping. Plus supplying military aid to the non-existant "Free Syrian Army," and U.S. coordination with, and supply of communications technologies to the very "political opposition" which U.S. intelligence officers, including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper personally, stated publically this week is fragmented and infiltrated by al-Qaeda. In fact, the reality is that the armed opposition in Syria is al-Qaeda, with some equally odious Salafi fanatics thrown for good measure.

The same war cry came two days before, from the appropriately-named Anne Marie Slaughter, director of George Shultz's Project on National Security at Princeton, who told the Financial Times that the decision must be made this month, whether there be international intervention into Syria, or international arming of those same al-Qaeda-opposition forces.

Slaughter's "humanitarian" credentials are epitomized by her leading role in organizing the 2004 Middlebury College conference on "The Privatization of National Security," where speakers bragged that they seek to bring about a "return to neo-feudalism," modeled on the British East India Company.

Standing out in both of these statements, are the attacks on Russia and China, for refusing to go along with The Plan.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, meanwhile, in separate meetings in Europe on Feb. 16, informed the French and Russian Foreign Ministers that the UN's "top priority" is to establish just such "humanitarian access" for foreign forces inside Syria. So, too, like sheep lining for their own slaughter, a majority of the nations of the world then voted up, 135 to 12, with 17 abstentions, a non-binding UN General Assembly resolution demanding the Syrian government allow such "humanitarian assistance" be provided.

Not to be left out, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) yesterday introduced Senate Resolution 379, "Condemning Violence by the Government of Syria Against the Syrian People," which promises the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations will immediately schedule a hearing to assess "international options available" against Syria. Like his neo-con allies, Kerry's resolution also singles out Russia and China for refusing to capitulate to this demanded new war. It cannot be forgotten that Kerry's similar treasonous defense of Barack Obama's unconstitutional Libya war, was crucial in bringing the world to the brink of the global thermonuclear war which the now-demanded action against Syria may well trigger.

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