Haiti Condemns Britain's "Mass Atrocity" Doctrine
February 19, 2012 • 2:42AM

The network of physicians and health-care professionals forming the Haiti Epidemic Advisory System (HEAS), who often provide medical care in remote areas of Haiti when no one else will, warned this week that the cholera epidemic which exploded in October 2010 out of the inhuman conditions of the never-rebuilt earthquake rubble, is picking up again, even in advance of this year's rainy season, which begins in March. HEAS warned they are receiving reports of "patient surge and the now-classic and typical reporting of patients dying along the roads in the mountains of central Haiti."

Despite all the talk and pledges of foreign aid, Haiti will soon be swept by another wave of mass deaths from cholera, when the rainy season opens. Neither the cholera treatment centers nor the general conditions of health care, sanitation, food, and housing required to stop the epidemic are being provided.

Two years after the earthquake which killed over a quarter million people, Haiti is even more vulnerable to natural catastrophes, and still does not have the capacity to manage "even small events," Prime Minister Gary Conille warned last week, during a visit to Washington, D.C. and Miami. There must be faster distribution of aid and better coordination among donors, so that Haiti can rebuild, he said. Not even the quake-damaged State University hospital has been rebuilt.

U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche and other prominent Americans had gone to President Obama after the January 2010 earthquake, and proposed the U.S. offer its massive logistical capability to help Haitians rebuild their country, rapidly and on a more secure basis, laying the groundwork for its fullscale development.

Obama rejected that proposal out of hand. Even as Haiti has been left to die, Obama ordered the establishment of an "Interagency Mass Atrocity Prevention Board" last August 4, couched as the implementation of the doctrine of the international community's supposed "Responsibility to Protect" peoples against their governments, catchily dubbed "R2P."

Where are the outcries against the genocide ongoing in Haiti from the "mass atrocity specialists" proliferating globally? "Mass atrocity" doctrine advocate Susan Rice, Obama's Oxford-trained Ambassador to the United Nations, was personally in Haiti this week. She expressed no concern over the ongoing mass death, but instead issued public pronouncements opposing Haiti's plans to re-constitute its own armed forces, which would replace the United Nations peacekeeping force operating in Haiti for the last eight years, with a national force capable of providing the logistical capability required for national reconstruction.

Haiti demonstrates these "R2P" people care nothing about humanity; war is their game. They hold up the break-up of Sudan, the war against Libya, and now against Syria as the banner of their successes. The intention of this doctrine is not human development, but crushing all opposition to the oligarchical principle, by means of mass atrocities. Or, as one of the several Oxford University centers directing this most imperial of projects puts it, the intention is to deliver "a lethal punch to archaic notions of state sovereignty" to bring down "the aging edifice of state sovereignty."

This is the unconstitutional doctrine which British puppet Barack Obama ordered institutionalized as U.S. foreign policy, with the establishment of an Interagency Mass Atrocity Prevention Board. Does this board yet function? Who is on it? How broad is its mandate? The White House has not given answers to these questions, but the reshaping of the U.S. Army officer corps to carry out this unconstitutional, imperial mandate is already underway. Studies in so-called "Mass Atrocity Response Operations" (MARO) have now expanded into officer training. The course program argues that "proficiency in this area" is required, because "the Director of National Intelligence indicates in the next five years, over 80 countries have the potential for mass killings."

What have we come to as a nation, that instead of reviving the proud West Point tradition of advanced scientific and technical training which our Founding Fathers mandated for U.S. military officers, today officers are subjected to the madness of a "Genocide and Mass Atrocities Studies Program" being offered at Fort Leavenworth!