The "R2P" our Nation: Remove Obama
February 19, 2012 • 1:57PM

by Dave Christie

The Chicken Hawks are circling over our heads again, with their shrill cries calling for yet another war. These are the same draft dodging fascists that brought us the "cake walk" wars that we have been mired in for over a decade.

by Dave Christie

The Chicken Hawks are circling over our heads again, with their shrill cries calling for yet another war. These are the same draft dodging fascists that brought us the "cake walk" wars that we have been mired in for over a decade. The Neo-Conservatives, along with their identical Neo-Liberal partners and Obama, are now threatening Russia and China with a thermonuclear world war, demanding that they give up their sovereignty and give in to the demands of the British Empire's system of monetarism and environmentalism. That is the actual intent of the "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) doctrine, to destroy the sovereignty of nations and end the principle contained in the Treaty of Westphalia.

The Treaty of Westphalia ended the Venetian Empire's "30 Years War" in 1648, with the explicit policy that peace among nations would be determined by the "advantage of the other", rather than the imperial policy of "divide et impera". This divide and conquer policy was used by the Venetian Empire that ruled the Mediterranean region by fomenting religious warfare since the time of the Crusades. With the advent of the Renaissance and republican statecraft, the Venetians began to lose their control, and initiated another wave of religious wars aimed at breaking up the prospect of a Europe moving to establish a system of sovereign republics. It was around this time that the Venetian Empire moved their base of operations to the northern Atlantic, ultimately settling in London to establish the British East India Company, which became a template for the modern form of empire. This complex of international banking and multinational cartels deployed private mercenaries around the world to protect the British Imperial interests, calling it "free trade", subjugating nations under the control of the British Empire, and preventing development by controlling the commerce and finance of nations.

At a 1999 speech in Chicago, the Queen's lap dog, Tony Blair, demanded the spiritual end of the Treaty of Westphalia. He enunciated the British policy we now see in full swing today, creating a new "30 Years War" to destroy every last shred of the sovereignty of nations. This is the intention behind Obama's "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) doctrine, earlier elaborated by those lackeys of the financier oligarchy, such as George Soros, Felix Rohatyn, and George Shultz. It was Shultz and Rohatyn who also promoted the privatization of the US Military, explicitly referred to in a series of conferences at Middlebury College as a revival of the policy of the British East India Company. The various regime changes we have seen in the recent period, under the "R2P" umbrella of "humanitarian intervention", are simply part of this British Imperial policy. Just remember the humanitarian intervention that Shultz and Rohatyn brought to Chile, establishing the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, to bring the economic liberalization of the fascist Austrian School economics of Milton Friedman.

Be not deceived, these lackeys have only one responsibility to protect: the British Empire, and its doge, the Queen. They have no allegiance to nations, or principle. One minute they will claim they are waging a war on terror, hunting down Al Qaeda wherever they may be; the next minute, they are working with Al Qaeda for regime change in Syria. They will claim they are against the tactics of the terrorists, yet then work with the MEK to assassinate Iranian scientists, in the spirit of Pol Pot, who sought out the intellectuals and killed them.

And yet, the elected leadership within the United States refuses to stop this insanity. The Senate has capitulated at every step along the way, most recently with their resolution to support Obama if he were to launch an attack on Iran, even while the latest National Intelligence Estimate again confirms the fact that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. John McCain and John Kerry have been two of the worst out of the Senate, while as former presidential candidates they should be acting to represent the best of the institution of the presidency. That is why the National LaRouche Slate is acting as a collective presidency in a sense, a team to provide the leadership for the nation on the only policies that will work: Remove Obama immediately, Reinstate Glass-Steagall to liquidate the bankrupt British Empire, and return to Hamilton's design for national banking. In the spirit of the Treaty of Westphalia, we will work with Russia and China, cooperating on space exploration and Arctic development, rather than being pawns of the British Imperial strategy of "divide et impera". We will implement the vision of John Quincy Adams, a "community of principle among perfectly sovereign nation states".

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