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August 14th 2010 • 4:13PM

The founders of the United States republic were aware of their legacy, of founding a new type of society, free from the control of a system of empire. It was that system of empire which had controlled all of civilization for thousands of years, and was a greater threat to the Americans during their revolution, than the cannons pointed at Boston harbor.

June 26th 2010 • 1:00PM
June 23rd 2010 • 10:40PM

The Crisis continues in the Gulf, with BP still on the loose. Nuclear physicist Dr. Milo D. Nordyke is the leading U.S. expert on peaceful nuclear explosions. He is a scientist emeritus of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and a veteran of the U.S. Operation Plowshare program for peaceful use of nuclear explosions.

July 16th 2010 • 7:17PM

Alan Greenspan released the pamphlet "Rethinking Glass-Steagall", declaring his hatred of FDR's insight into the nation-state principle. Greenspan had unique insight on how to destroy this idea, and did exactly this.

June 26th 2010 • 1:00PM
June 7th 2010 • 5:39PM

The BP crisis in the Gulf beckons the United States to exert it's National Sovereignty, by taking control of the situation; by expropriating BP's North American operation.

Morning Overview · What the British Hate Most
February 20th 2012 • 9:00AM

The intention of the British Empire is the survival of their species, even risking thermonuclear war to fulfill that intention. But standing firmly in their way is Lyndon LaRouche and the fight he has led to ensure a future for mankind. And the British hate him for it.

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