Saudi National Linked to 9/11 Florida Hijackers Is Now Oil Co. Executive In ... London
February 20, 2012 • 9:57AM

In an update on the explosive story that former U.S. Senator Bob Graham last year called "the most important thing about 9/11 to surface in the last seven or eight years," it was reported over the weekend by the London Telegraph that Saudi national Abdulaziz al-Hijji, who fled abruptly from his home in Sarasota, Florida, just weeks before the 9/11 attacks, is now residing comfortably in London, working for the British branch of the Saudi Aramco oil company, and that he has been living unmolested in the U.K. since 2003.

The ongoing Obama Administration coverup of this story— which coverup Obama carries from the Bush Administration—goes hand in hand with Obama's current de facto collaboration with al-Qaeda throughout the Mideast cockpit. No wonder, as both Obama and al-Qaeda are controlled by the British Empire.

Last September it was reported that hijackers Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi had visited al-Hijji's residence in a gated community several times before the 9/11 attacks, as had another Al Qaeda operative, Adnan Shukrijumah, who is on the FBI's most wanted list with a $5 million bounty offered for his capture.

Simultaneously, another story in the Broward (Florida) Bulldog, also co-authored by British author Anthony Summers, reports that Al-Hijji considered Osama bin Laden a "hero," according to an informant interviewed by the FBI and Florida law enforcement officials in 2004. The informant, Wissam Taysir Hammoud, is now serving 21 years in federal prison after pleading guilty in 2005 in federal court in Tampa to weapons violations and attempting to kill a federal agent and a witness in an earlier case against him. Hammoud reaffirmed his previous statements about al-Hijji to the FBI in recent interviews.

Although the Broward Bulldog has been unable to obtain FBI reports under the Freedom of Information Act, it has obtained Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports, which provide new details on the story. Hammoud told officials that he and al-Hijji worked out together at Shapes Fitness in Sarasota and played soccer at the local Islamic Society. He said that al-Hijji was "very well schooled in Islam" and that "Osama bin Laden was a hero of al-Hijji." He added that Al-Hijji showed him a "website containing information about bin Laden," and spoke of "going to Afghanistan and becoming a freedom fighter."

According to Hammoud, al-Hijji also talked of "taking flight training in nearby Venice, [Florida]," where a number of hijackers trained. He said he believed "al-Hijji had known some of the terrorists from the September 11, 2001 attacks" who were students at an airport there. Hammoud's wife and sister-in-law confirmed during recent interviews, that they too knew the al-Hijjis, and are familiar with elements of Hammoud's account.

Graham, who was co-chairman of the Congressional Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks, said last fall that the Sarasota revelations paralleled earlier discoveries about a Saudi government employee in San Diego who had paid for an apartment for two of the hijackers, and who also funnelled money to them, and then left for England in July 2001. Graham has complained strenuously that the FBI did not tell the Congressional Inquiry about the Saudi contacts in either San Diego or Sarasota. Graham has also cited the suppression of the final 28-page section of the Joint Inquiry's report, which was entirely blanked out and kept secret from the public, on the orders of former President George W. Bush, and which is still being withheld by the Obama Administration.

(For background, see "9/11 Secrets Partially Revealed," EIR, Sept. 16, 2011, "More Explosive Evidence of Saudi Support for 9/11 Hijackers," EIR, Sept. 23, 2011, and "Sectarian War Threat in Southwest Asia," EIR, Jan. 27, 2012, which provides essential background on the British-Al Qaeda connection.)