Brutish Empire's March Offensive for War
February 21, 2012 • 9:55AM

The Empire buildup for an early March war drive is well underway. As reported on Saturday, a Senate resolution declaring that the U.S. cannot allow Iran to be a "nuclear capable" country, i.e., "Containment Is Not Enough," has been submitted by 32 Senators. This is totally coordinated with the March 5-7 AIPAC conference where Benjamin Netanyahu will speak. In fact the resolution is based on an AIPAC "Issues Paper" released on Feb. 10 called "Iranian Nuclear Weapons Capability Unacceptable." AIPAC says "Iran is approaching a nuclear weapons capability, and Iran's acquisition of such a capability even before it possesses an actual nuclear weapon would mark a significant new regional danger." That has long been Israel's "red line" for military attack and according to the Israeli war faction that red line has already been crossed.

In the Feb. 20 Wall Street Journal, Cold War maniac Ed Luttwak of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) writes that a U.S. military strike on Iran is feasible and necessary. Luttwak says that the Joint Chiefs and the Pentagon are giving a false option to Obama on Iran, i.e., the same plan given to George W. Bush: an "air war" that takes weeks and requires 20,000 sorties. Instead, there can be a "stealth" "overnight" high volume attack. There is "the option of interrupting Iran's nuclear efforts by a stealthy overnight attack against the handful of buildings that contain the least replaceable components of Iran's enrichment cycle. This kind of attack was carried out in September 2007, when the Israeli air force invisibly and inaudibly attacked the nuclear reactor that Syria's Assad regime had imported from North Korea, wholly destroying it with no known casualties. An equivalent attack on Iran's critical nuclear nodes would have to be several times larger. But it could still be inaudible and invisible, start and end in one night, and kill very few on the ground."

London is weighing in heavily that the upcoming P5+1 talks mean nothing and will fail. The Feb. 20 Guardian plays up the fact that many unnamed officials in the Obama Administration "believe Iran sanctions will fail, making military action likely." But, the Guardian's sources believe that the David Ignatius projected dates (attributed to Leon Panetta) of April, May or June are unlikely. Instead, the "sweet spot" for an attack is September-October because Israel has to give the "crippling" sanctions" time to play out (and fail), and the Fall 2012 timeframe will have the maximum blackmail leverage over the U.S. because the Presidential campaign will be going on.

London also raises the specter of nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia in the Financial Times by the FT's leading Washington reporter, Ed Luce. Called "Obama Nears His Nuclear Moment," Luce's article says that although war with Iran and oil at $200 barrel may be the unlikely choices for the President in this election year, some White House officials are calling 2012, "the year of Iran," and some think-tankers, like Steve Clemons of the New American Foundation "talk about Mr. Obama's 'Cuban Missile Crisis.'" Luce says this could be "the moment that Obama takes that 3 am phone call." Luce chuckles that even though Obama and Netanyahu are often described as on different policy tracks, the Iran threat may show that Obama is a lot closer in thinking to Netanyahu.

In keeping with London's war prediction, one of the first priorities of National Security Advisor Tom Donilon's trip to Israel was to fix the date for the Obama-Bibi summit — it will be March 5th in the Oval Office, the day before Bibi speaks to the AIPAC war rally.