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August 6th 2010 • 6:57PM

A revival of the racist Operation Fruehmenschen demonstrates just how much of a failed personality President Obama actually is.

February 15th 2010 • 9:47PM

The inter-alpha group head, Banco Santander is in the midst of a breakdown. The British Empire is on the verge of collapse

January 14th 2010 • 1:00PM
March 2nd 2010 • 2:30PM
December 29th 2009 • 5:41PM
Obama and Al Qaeda: Two Peas in a Thermonuclear Pod
February 21st 2012 • 11:55PM

President Obama and Al Qaeda share one thing in common. They are both assets of the British financial oligarchy. This new found union should come as no surprise to those who understand how the UK and US have used Al Qaeda in the past, and those who understand how President Obama's fragile psyche makes him the perfect candidate to throw the United States into a thermonuclear war beginning with the recent attempt at regime change operations in Iran and Syria at the behest of the British. Will the American people take away the major tool of the British oligarchy by removing Obama from office? If we don't we may not make it to the November elections.

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