December 13th 2010 • 7:03PM

The nitrogen cycle is one of the many flows that are fundamental to the biogenic migration of atoms in the Biosphere and, potentially, beyond.

December 7th 2010 • 12:49AM

This episode of Building the Future features a 25-minute video montage of the highlights of the December 4 NAWAPA conferences in Pasadena, CA and Kennewick, WA. The presentations are available in full on the "California NAWAPA conference page."

November 24th 2010 • 8:32PM

Our world today is gripped by a tragedy. When the Principle of Tragedy is not understood by societies, like Lear's Britain or Hamlet's Denmark, the people guarantee themselves to failure.

December 13th 2010 • 10:25AM

An investigation into the electromagnetic processes of our planet, as they are connected to the broader domain of comic radiation, with emphasis on the interface of these processes with life in the oceans, and the implications this holds for man in the universe, as we intervene into this dynamic through the extended NAWAPA project.

November 29th 2010 • 9:54AM

Episode 4 of "NAWAPA: Building the Future." In this Episode NAWAPA's international extensions are taken up, as the global solution to a global crisis.

November 22nd 2010 • 2:38PM

Episode 3 of "NAWAPA: Building the Future." In light of the recent release of the video, "NAWAPA & Biospheric Engineering," hosts Michael Kirsch and Oyang Teng discuss the principle of biospheric engineering.

LPAC Weekly Report
February 22nd 2012 • 7:03PM

MP3 Audio

A continuation of last week's report. Themes include, anti-matter, the mastery of the biological domain, continued threat of Nuclear WW3, and the satanic quality of the oligarchical principle.

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