February 23rd 2010 • 12:00AM

The centerpiece of the LaRouche Plan for economic recovery in the United States is the proposal for a modern, expanded version of Franklin Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) program, which put millions of young people to work rebuilding the nation.

March 2nd 2010 • 10:06PM
February 7th 2010 • 5:26PM

Part two of The New Economics deals with fusion-powered spaceflight as an integral part of national economic planning, by examining 1.) The measurement of physical-economic value and the notion of physical profit, 2.) The case of the 1960's Apollo Project as a physical-economic science driver for the United States, and 3.) The frontier questions of science that will represent both the impetus for, as well as the fruits of, a fusion-powered Moon-Mars program, especially in the area of biology and the relationship of electromagnetic radiation to living processes. Watch this, and you'll never again believe the lie that "space travel costs too much."

LPAC Weekly Report
February 22nd 2012 • 7:03PM

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A continuation of last week's report. Themes include, anti-matter, the mastery of the biological domain, continued threat of Nuclear WW3, and the satanic quality of the oligarchical principle.

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