Russia and China Will Not Bow to Foreign "Regime Change" in Syria
February 24, 2012 • 9:52AM

Nuclear superpowers Russia and China are standing firm against the British-Obama demand for a re-run in Syria of NATO's 2011 "humanitarian" war against Libya, which left Libya in shambles, a new Al Qaeda safehaven. Both powers refused to attend the so-called "Friends of Syria" meeting in Tunisia today, and they are making it clear that they continue to coordinate policies in this crucial battle.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported yesterday that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi, and they remain opposed to any foreign interference in Syria. Lavrov's office said the two Foreign Ministers "reaffirmed the joint position of Russia and China" on this matter, and call for "a speedy end to any violence in Syria, and the launching of inclusive dialogue between the authorities and the opposition, without preconditions, for a peaceful settlement that excludes foreign interference in Syrian affairs."

For his part, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has spoken by telephone with the president of the United Arab Emirates, and the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq, over the past two days. His message, according to a Kremlin report on the calls, is that "foreign interference, attempts to assess the legitimacy of the leadership of a state from the outside run counter to the norms of international law and are fraught with the threat of regional and global destabilization."